Suffered two years ago a stroke of Socks sing again

Перенесший два года назад инсульт Носков снова запел

Singer Nikolay Noskov started to record new songs. And his solo concert will be held at the end of the year. Producer Victor Drobysh on their page shared a video from the Studio.

Health problems of the singer began in March 2017. He had surgery to remove blood clot after stroke. There were press reports of partial paralysis Noskova. He passed a long rehabilitation.

The video, posted Drobysh, Socks writes a composition in English.

“Here it is – great… Thank you, God, music forever,” said the producer.

Subscribers were quick to react to the good news, noting that insanely excited for the return Noskova. Some began to thank Drobysh for all time helped his friend.

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Publication of Victor Drobysh (@vdrobysh) 25 Jun 2019 8:28 PDT