Suffering from what smart women

От чего страдают умные женщины 

For anybody not a secret that sometimes men are afraid of smart women. And there are my reasons, often because these ladies because of their intelligence face many problems that complicate their lives. Whether Woe from wit, and why girls with high IQ life is not easy.Smart seem adminimize always, but it happens often. Especially if a smart woman is in the company of people who are much inferior to her in intelligence. The clever can always find an opinion on any issue (and she doesn’t hesitate to Express it), the girl skillfully juggles the words don’t always reach the sides. She may not do it purposely, but only because they used to communicate. Here are other did not understand.Smart can’t oshibatsya everyone around you is thinking and saying smart girl about it since childhood. At home, in school, in College, at work and even in the family everybody wants to remind her of that mistaken only fools and losers, and she to him never treated. It is obvious that the constant pressure from all sides has a negative impact on the psychological state of a woman. Moreover, only by making mistakes, you can succeed.Smart does not give vent to emotsianalno to look sensibly at things, and not flying in the clouds is extremely useful, especially in adult life. However, it is not necessary to go into extremes and to suppress emotions even where they need to escape. Smart women are so used to detailed analysis and discussion of anything and everything, trying to examine under the microscope even his own feelings. Along the way they begin to feel that their emotion is a sign of weakness and, therefore, should to all be approached with a cool head. In fact, all you need to know the measure, and lock the senses only provokes stress and leads to destructive innuendo with loved ones.

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