Suicide in Ukraine: 5 years ago began a blockade of Donbass

Самоубийство Украины: 5 лет назад началась блокада Донбасса

© RIA Novosti Vitaliy BelousovNovember 15, 2014 the Ukrainian authorities, convinced of the impossibility to fully conquer the rebellious Donbass, decided to throw on the neck of the republics of the stranglehold of the economic blockade. The calculation was simple: without money, electricity, food requests themselves back on Ukrainoznavstvo, November 15 decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on restrictive measures against the unrecognized republics, which became known as the decree on the blockade of Donbass, introduced. And he was signed 4 Nov.

The decree failed to implement the decision of the security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) “On urgent measures to stabilize the socio-economic situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions” dated 4 November 2014.

In fact, the document was officially confirmed already existing order of relations with uncontrolled Donbass. Officially the work was stopped by Ukrainian state institutions and blocked the work of the banking system.

At that time banks in the cities of Donbass not worked for more than three months, but remained separate points of removal of money from the cards of Ukrainian banks.

Spit on “Minsk-1”

The fact that just a month after the first “Minsk”, Kiev decided to stifle former countrymen, it became clear instantly. Denis Pushilin, at the time Vice-speaker of the Parliament of the Donetsk national Republic, called this step Poroshenko’s economic blockade.Pushilin said that the decree comes into flagrant contradiction with the signed Minsk Protocol. In particular, it violates the third point, which involved the adoption of the concept of empower the region’s economic benefits and tools for recovery.

Also violates the eighth paragraph of the Memorandum, requires Ukraine to improve the humanitarian situation and the adoption of the programme of reconstruction of the region.

First the money went…

Instead of recovery there was destruction and denying the social security system. In the region, is rapidly losing human resources, labour and Finance, the problem became even to obtain-earned money.

Самоубийство Украины: 5 лет назад началась блокада Донбасса

© RIA Novosti, Mikhail Voskresensky is a Resident of Torez Valery Krasnov tells of a situation in which he and his countrymen after the introduction of the financial blockade:

“Ran through the city, looking for where to cash a paycheck, which is again transferred to ukrbank. And everywhere crowds of workers and pensioners (who are from the Ukraine transferred the money) running around asking me about money,” — says the man.

Every week it was harder. Appeared and then disappeared dubious firms that cashed the money under the big percent.

Donchanka Marina Sedova remembers: “at First it was 4-6%, then 10, and it was not found. Do not want to remember.”

Stores had empty shelves. Supermarket chains went from Donetsk from the cities of the Republic. It remained a small trading point, but with the supply has become very tight.
Ukrainian military checkpoints took bribes from suppliers of products and this became millionaires. It starts with the shaping of trade policy, the period of humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation and of thousands of ordinary Russians who became volunteers in assisting the brothers in the Donbass.

…then blocked transport links

At the same time with food problems difficulties with transport, or with movement on the territory of Ukraine. The engineer of one of the Donetsk design institutes Svetlana remembers: “In early November, my husband had to go for a few days in the Crimea to my aunt. Rode on the usual train No. 47 Donetsk — Sevastopol. Just got back, the train took off, the road to the Crimea through Ukraine are blocked. Nothing, they say, Donbass “separable” Crimean drive”.

All summer, despite the attacks of the roads, one could travel from Donetsk to Kramatorsk, Krasny Liman, Mariupol. At first it was quite easy, because the checkpoints were only Republican, then, when the DNR shrank to its present size, had to go through denerovskie and Ukrainian checkpoints.

But there were no permits, no inspection system. In General, in most cases it all comes down to the formal checking of vehicles and buses.

Самоубийство Украины: 5 лет назад началась блокада Донбасса

© RIA Novosti, Valery Melnikov From November all changed. Long queues for new border crossings, often with the risk of getting a stray bullet, became a reality for tens of thousands of residents of the DNI, forced to drive with the Nov for a pension on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Also traveled to visit relatives or a family grave.

A mockery of pensioners has become the norm

“I remember vividly a case where one of the first times I went to the Ukrainian territory for a pension, says a personnel miner Vadim Raikhlin. — The bus for the most part retired, multiple grandparents are well over eighty. Stand three hours, then Ukrainian soldiers, clearly galichanskogo mind, and looking at the bus, said: “chogo has cycle of picky zrobyly Take pike budete from the SEB in Donetska robyt, and now Ukraine, you povynni butts maslawi” (“Why such a sour face did? Such faces in Donetsk do, and now Ukraine, you should be happy.” — Ed.).

Since then, the customs at border crossing points have become softer, but how many people have lost in humiliating queues health and years of life — who can count, to show the account?The greatest impact of the economic blockade, organized by Ukraine in November 2014, put to the pensioners of Donbass. Not only that, older people often unable to move freely and independently, were forced to make a long trip with the money they earned from decades of hard work, so once they’ve been abused by the Ukrainian officials came up with them at the same ridiculous ritual of acknowledgement of the fact that they supposedly live free from DNR areas and have consequently a right to get their money.

Самоубийство Украины: 5 лет назад началась блокада Донбасса

© RIA Novosti, Mikhail Voskresensky”Over the years, how many people of relatives, friends, sometimes even nodding, move me, stopping for the night to keep up with the day to do all things in the pension Fund! Not to go again, if you have time, says 78-year-old pensioner from Kramatorsk Paul Paddock, but well this is a mockery of the people. After all, they do as we do here, they earned the crumbs the poor”.

The Donbass struggled and sought out

The author of these lines in the year was the coordinator of the public movement in Donetsk intelligentsia “Civil initiative of Donbass”. We organized “round tables”, which were tried together with the authorities, the public, ordinary people to build a line of conduct on the most critical issues of life in the Republic, including, of course, and “retirement tourism” as a bitter joke in those days, the Donetsk side.

The lawyers in our group are preparing lawsuits to the European court of human rights, found lawyers and consultants who helped the retirees to make these claims.

Prepared, and even before the blockade, discussions, sometimes very sharp on economic issues. They invited everyone, including journalists from the friendly publications. Came, by the way, colleagues from British, American, German, and Spanish media.

Surprised — “you have a possible level of democracy in communication? We after talking with the party thought all this impossible.” Alas, “the other side” so they never tried to sit in on the discussions. One day, however, Kiev Donetsk writers invited to “teleconference”, which was so fascinated by the discussion of their projects that Donetsk just forgot.
That was the essence of the poroshenkovskih decrees of November 15, 2014: Ukraine tried to forget about the Donbass, together with the history, culture, language, economy. In order to tread a soldier’s boot on their own conscience and not see the emptying of cities and factories, starving pensioners on “that” side of the demarcation line.

“Our choice is Russia!”

However, after the shelling of Donbass people in our region is not very surprised, “economic attack”. It was already clear that the nationalist “Nebrat” there are no human laws and rules through which they will not cross to achieve their goals.

“Ukraine hope use” was in the air back in March, when Crimea returned to Russia. At the session of the Donetsk city Council then an elderly journalist, I remember, calmly said to me: “to turn off the water to Crimea — you-back request”.

My question is, how is it possible to do with people who only decided to make his own way, he replied: “there is nothing Ukrainian laws to break”.

So what a surprise to Donbass Ukraine’s decision was not. The question in November of that memorable year was: how to survive with minimal losses? We know now with the help of Russia, which reacted immediately, saying that he will not allow a humanitarian catastrophe in the Donbass.

As for the hateful positions of the natiocratic government in Kiev, something about its attempts to stifle the blockade of Donbass and the Crimea, we can say firmly one thing: the best model of state suicide, perhaps, Ukrainian politicians could not come up with.Oleg Izmaylov

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