Sullivan aims to create a new reality in the negotiations of the Russian Federation and the United States

Салливан призван создать новую реальность в переговорах РФ и США

Change of Ambassador always brings about a change in bilateral relations between particular States – said a member of the Committee of the State Duma on international Affairs Anton Morozov.

The appointment of Sullivan unlocks certain features

The fact that John Sullivan, who is a candidate in the American ambassadors in Russia began to Express “program things” that show that the new representative of Washington in Moscow, positive changes in our relationship.

Sullivan said that relations between Russia and the United States reached the lowest point since the cold war, but two-way communication with Moscow is important to the national interests of Washington. Apparently, when the Obama administration, our relationship was pussywoman, and now comes slow and leisurely discussion, overshadowed by the regular adoption in the United States new anti-sanctions.

However, the latter had long been accustomed, moreover, even this process is already drawn boundaries. And in the cold war between the two countries was quite different relationships – from direct cooperation to tough geopolitical confrontation.

Another interesting statement by Sullivan in which he confirmed that Russia and the United States to discuss the restoration of the standard of their embassies, which really limits their work, this suggests that Washington is ready to solve technical issues.

“The replacement Ambassador is a very important event, because from the Ambassador much depends on the bilateral relations, because he, on behalf of the United States will negotiate with the Russian foreign Ministry. In addition, what the Americans did, denying absolutely the lawlessness of the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States the legal ownership, absolutely no good” – says Morozov.

More Americans in addition to limiting regular number of the Embassy closed down our consulates and selected from the Russian facilities – in particular, the residence in new York. These steps of the United States, of course, contrary to the generally accepted diplomatic practice.

“So I think that here even the Americans understood that they acted ugly. Especially when it came to the reduction of staff numbers Russian diplomats, who are at work in the United States,” summarizes frost.

Morozov believes that sooner or later this situation will be resolved, and if the new Ambassador will receive appropriate instructions from Washington, that Moscow would be perceived positively, with the result that here there is an agreement.

“As for the remarks about the cold war, there was no reason to make comparisons. Because in those days the confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union, American politicians and diplomats have been perceived as competition equally strong States,” concludes frost.

Now, according to Anton Titov, the situation has changed, and the US government are politicians and diplomats, whose Outlook was formed in the nineties, when the world was a unilateral dictates of Washington, and a complete American dominance.

“The worldview of these people occurred in a period of a unipolar world, when the Soviet Union was destroyed, so these policies are accustomed to the fact that the US is in charge here. So, when Russia gained the weight back and pumped muscles, it began to cause irreconcilable rejection, therefore, there is such extreme in our relations,” – says Morozov.

Opportunities to improve relations between Russia and the USA exist

Note also that Sullivan is a high-ranking official in the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump – for example, between the resignation of Rex Tillerson and the appointment of Michael Pompeo, he was acting General Secretary.

Member of the Association of political experts and consultants Kirill Koktysh in conversation with BAFS “the Economy today” came to the conclusion that Sullivan sets here the necessary political groundwork for his tenure as American Ambassador to Russia.

“Sullivan here takes the orders of the US state Department, not to mention the fact that in such positions people choose the President. Sullivan here fixed coordinate system, in which he noted that whatever he did would be good,” – says Koktysh.

Kirill believes that the us competent from a hardware point of view step. Accordingly, if we fail, it will mean that all corrupt to Sullivan, and if there is some result, it will be a tribute to the new American Ambassador.

Actually, the main question here is, is there any opportunity to improve bilateral Russian-American relations or the whole negative context will not solve even some simple technical questions.

“The subject of negotiations – is. We have terminated the basic contract for security, there is hostility, in which Russia is to blame. Of course, all this is negative and generally disturbing because we are talking about a nuclear superpower,” – concludes Koktysh.

So, we only have to look at, and whether Sullivan to establish some kind of bilateral dialogue.

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