Summary totals: 10 events that changed the world

Итог итогов: 10 событий, которые не изменили мир

In each person’s life events happen that are difficult to explain logically, they are deposited in memory as something wonderful and paranormal. Life postmaydannoy Ukraine in abundance will give us situations and characters that remain unfathomable. Over the past year I have also accumulated my personal list of mysterious phenomena.1. So, I’m really surprised that they came to see Mr. Zelensky “onizhedeti” (that is, some students, which would have started Euromaidan) has increased highly developed in the mental attitude of the individual. “What has changed after the events of 2013? First of all we have changed, — said the President of one of the invited participants of the Euromaidan. — And this one we take will not. This inner sense of freedom and confidence that the voice of each of us is important.” And emphasized that now everyone can freely Express their thoughts, to travel around Europe, communicate in the Ukrainian language, and the country has an independent Church, and secured the army.

Am I to understand that before the Euromaidan Ukrainian students are not allowed to travel and communicate in the Ukrainian language? Yes, against this backdrop, even the legitimate subordination of an independent PCU Istanbul Patriarchate just pales! They were forbidden to speak Ukrainian, but now the “onizhedeti” can Express their thoughts freely (because to go for the smart they can not).

2. Travel is of course nice, but the main strategic ally cast off the Imperial yoke of Ukraine, our dear United States, has sharply restricted entry dream to touch the democratic values Ukrainians. In the 2019 financial year (i.e. until 30 September), the U.S. government has denied entry to nearly one of every two people seeking a visitor’s visa to the citizen of Ukraine, the failure rate is 45,06%. For comparison: for the citizens of savage Russia, the failure rate is only 15%, and for subjects of dictatorial Belarus — 23%.

The logical explanation only two: either the inhabitants of the land of the Rising Trident so impoverished that the richest country in the world simply do not risk to let them into their territory, or trump works for Putin and harms prepodavala with the tribes of the nation wherever he can. The second option for a conscious supporter of the Maidan explains a lot, and while you can take solace in the fact that the citizens of Somalia while African denied entry to the US much more often.3. Of course, we cannot exclude the Jewish trail because of anti-Semitism in Ukraine traditionally does not exist. After the honorary Israeli Consul in Lviv Oleg Vishnyakov 1 Dec posted on his public page a short interview on issues of cooperation between Ukraine and Israel, Ukrainian national-Democrats peppered him page friendly review. Retranslate some of them translated from Nightingale language society: “something I have no joy of this friendship, probably because I am Ukrainian. Lately too many Jews in power in Ukraine, afraid to invade our country”; “For them, we Gentiles are a lower caste of slaves. So think. Soon the Jews will sell us like cattle”, “Forget the word “anti-Semite,” this word does not exist in nature. The theory of anti-Semitism created by Jews to fight W those who oppose their policies of exclusion”; “the Right comments. The Jews always Rob and cheat, everyone in your social stratum of society. Created trouble around the world.” And so on, in the same constructive spirit.

Of course, this nakalyakal the hand of Moscow. Achievements of Ukrainian historical science we know that UPA was protecting the Jews, and the old man Shukhevych they doted.

4. Although, perhaps, about the perfidy of Zion shows the behavior of the entrepreneur Boris Hermann, previously convicted for organizing the high-profile assassination of a journalist Arkady Babchenko in may 2018. You remember the puddle of blood, which is nedostrelenny Arkady, condolences around the world, “organized by the Moscow political murder”, etc., the authors of the telegram-channel “Zrada Chi Peremoga” in astonishment ask: “Organizer “murder” Babchenko was released from prison. And you know what is the wording? “Freed from the further serving of punishment in connection with the condition”. Health Carl! Often we have the organizers of the murders, agents of the Kremlin, the FSB, the GRU released from prison sickness? Are you kidding me?!”

Being released from prison, ungrateful Boris Herman went to Israel and from there threatens the humane authorities of the Ukrainian state to ridden them in international courts as provocateurs and detractors. The amazing thing is that there in Israel settled aspiring Arkady Babchenko, who, as always, begging the Ukrainians money. And apparently still receives, our people are kind, generous and no Moscow propaganda will not catch him.

5. However, some are surprised that exposed the killers of journalist Pavel Sheremet was the reference patriots, volunteers and supposedly have nothing to do with the machinations of Moscow. On this question answer is the easiest: Yes, they were defending Ukraine from double drilled, they blew up an electricity pylon on the border with the Crimea, carried out assassinations, profited from the war. But then trustingly entangled in their crimes and turned out to be puppets in the clutches of the Kremlin.

In General, many of our confused: looting in Donbass, tortured civil, seized the bridges, undermined a grenade, killing passers-by and law enforcement officers, but it’s not out of malice. Each of the patriots may become a victim of the intrigues of the Kremlin, because we have to take them on bail, to justify to the courts and to hide them from their children. A “trail of Moscow” in their actions sooner or later will found himself Zorian Shkiryak adheres to the same opinion.

6. To understand the root causes of the Patriotic society, it is important not to lose sight of the true cause of all ills. Here is a famous Builder hyperloop, former Minister Volodymyr Omelian finally remembered who is really to blame for the lack of air traffic between Ukraine and Russia (in 2016 he gave it for a great victory of the Ukrainian people and their personal). Now it turned out that only on the route Kiev — Beijing — Kiev overfly the territory of Russia the Ukrainian plane spends time in four hours more, which leads to 120 thousand dollars of additional costs on every flight. And it is beneficial to by Moscow.

Ally Omelyana, MS Suprun, offers a reasonable solution overripe problems: to accompany flying over the territory of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian aircraft based in the Baltics and Romania, NATO fighters. “We should make full use of the status of Ukraine as a country-graduate student of NATO, having thus the right to protect their interests by all means Union, including law enforcement, offers Ms. Suprun. — Russia in this case will not be resolved any hostile actions, as to know that any of them followed by the immediate and powerful response”. But until those glorious days of relentless concerns of Ms. Suprun we were in the top five countries which recorded the world’s highest incidence of measles. A number of us are comfortably settled in Liberia, Somalia, Congo and Madagascar.

7. Because of the team “air!” yet, have to compete on the ground. The darling of the nation, the popular television host Igor Kondratyuk suggested and published his own solution to the conflict in the Donbass. The peace plan he proudly called “the Formula of Kondratyuk” and tore the applause of the discerning public.

The essence of the “Formula” is simple, as he Kondratyuk. Residents of LDNR, who wants to live with patriots in one state, “within 3 months of leaving Ukraine in any direction. Ukraine pays them for this “retreat”. With the condition not to return to Ukraine for 50 years after departure… Those who will stay for 10 years lose their right to vote… Persons who were involved in the organization of the so-called referendum of the so-called “LNR” and “DNR” and remain to live in Ukraine, the Ukrainian election lose the right forever… During the execution of [the preceding paragraphs] Russia silent, like a mouth full of water… the same formula is the liberation of Crimea from resistiv… the Guarantor of the implementation of the formula Kondratyuk to resolve the conflict in the Donbas are all nuclear countries, except for the Russian Federation”.

As you know, is not the first month discussion of “Formula Kondratyuk” disturbs the whole world and the headquarters of the United Nations are secretly preparing to move to troieschyna.8. And that the Russian world does not feel safe, appointed sprecherteam Tatiana Monakhova has proposed fining fellow citizens, if they dare to speak in Russian during the lessons in the children’s clubs. What to take with children, if adults and even law enforcement officers who allow themselves to speak in their native language? So, on December 4 on a call about a fight in the residential area “Topol-2” of Dnipropetrovsk left the patrol that found bleeding victims (and one of them was damaged artery), the police began to give first aid and saved the man’s life. But — Oh, horror! — we talked in Russian language.

Video feat the police authorities inadvertently put in the group “the Patrol polca Dnepropetrovsk region” in Facebook. And then a scandal broke because it saved the life of a person law enforcement officers in violation of the new law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language” — in the line of duty talk “movoyu aggressor”. As expressed by one commentator, “TSE shame! Polcini razmovlyayut “on isuke” occupiers…” In the result of yesterday’s heroes have received a reprimand, warning of incomplete official conformity, and the ill-fated page “Patrol polca Dnepropetrovsk region” blocked (apparently not yet subsided passion).

9. And rightly so: less Russian-speaking fellow citizens — more than a historical memory. According to our European choice, the history of interpretation should be strictly progressive, as befits prepodavala with the tribes of the nation. In Day of memory of victims of Holodomor in Kiev center held a Patriotic “March to the memory of transgender people who have died because of transphobia”. Patriots with pale faces, no matter when and where to meet, most importantly, to well-intentioned over the column waved the national flag.

Moreover, it is obvious to every Ukrainian, tsarist Russia (aka Soviet Union, aka the Moscow Horde) were not allowed to develop national feeling transgender equality and humiliated the citizens of the ridiculously low rates on utilities. Fortunately, these ridiculous rates in the distant past, and the legalization of prostitution, sale and free distribution of the drug in the near future. In the end, is it possible to condemn a cotton savages because they know nothing about LGBT to create a harmonious family?

10. But even in the sun there are spots, and some shortcomings we still have. In Cherkasy vigilant journalist of the local site “crossed out section” Vivcharik Nazar published the results of research that camera in a city consultative-diagnostic polyclinic gave him in Russian. The Director of the medical institution Vladislav Sviridenko urged not to pay attention to this outrageous fact, since the unit is produced in the Russian Federation. “A year later, no x-ray or fluoroscopy as an outpatient to do is just nowhere, says irresponsible Sviridenko. There will be signs in Ukrainian: “Ladies and gentlemen, x-ray and fluorographic examination is not carried out. Equipment broken, decommissioned and disposed of in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine””. However, the Russification of the test results is not something that can go a real activist.

“Russian world zombiruet Ukrainian patriots made in Russia x-ray-device — mocked commented on the incident, the political scientist Sergey Belasco. The best it professionals of Cherkasy are unable to restore order in the device of the aggressor. A shame and a reproach! Although, if you think well, why is this patriot <…> dosage? Did the Cossacks, before cutting of someone you know, did x-rays? That’s the same! And the hospital that Soviet should be close to where it was treason to cherish. Glory To Ukraine!” As they say, to the heroes glory and eternal sleep.

As you can see, in the past year and we really did have a lot of interesting situations (some even turned out to be akin to a diagnosis). But best of all, Ukraine in all its manifestations, the above enjoys the full support of the international community, and therefore, in the near future we will find even more amazing discoveries.

Such saw the “end results” of the outgoing year psychiatric friendly observer, Dr. K. Kevorkian.

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