Sunday Times: military commanders concealed the crimes of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

Evidence about war crimes committed by the British military in Iraq and Afghanistan, were hiding military command, writes The Sunday Times, citing data from sensitive documents. In addition, the participants in the investigation of war crimes complained of interference in the course of the process, and to pressure from the Ministry of defence: the publication notes that now it is about war crimes of British soldiers can be referred to the international criminal court.

Sunday Times: военные командиры скрывали преступления британских солдат в Ираке и Афганистане

ReutersВоенное the British command was hiding war crimes of their soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, reports The Sunday Times, citing figures obtained from the leak of secret documents.

As writes the edition, was evidence of a murder committed by one of the fighters of the air force, torture and sexual abuse of prisoners by fighters of a battalion Black Watch. In addition, military investigators became aware of the allegations of the forgery of official documents, sufficient to prosecute senior officers. The Sunday Times notes that the court already considers the case of one of the senior commanders of the air force, suspected of misrepresentation. According to the publication, the above facts have surfaced during the two investigations of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The investigators complained that some facts were hidden for political reasons, and also noted the pressure from the Ministry of defence. “For politicians it’s totally unacceptable to interfere in the investigation of such serious crimes and stop them before time” — leads edition of the words of the former Director of the British Prosecutor’s office. The Sunday Times writes that such circumstances can lead to the investigation of crimes committed by British troops, will be referred to the international criminal court. As the newspaper notes, the authority undertakes the investigation in that case, if a country is unable to condemn the military for its violations of the Geneva conventions.

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