Super teachers of the pandemic: a duo of thunder to make the confinement less painful

Super profs de la pandémie: un duo du tonnerre pour rendre le confinement moins pénible

A former engineer and a former school teacher of music, become teachers of maths in secondary school, have joined forces to make the confinement less painful for their students.

Daniel Nadeau and Brigitte Labrecque teach at the école secondaire de Rochebelle. They have in common is chosen as a second career teaching math. Daniel is the expert on techno and Brigitte is the pro creative ideas, do they agree.

“It is complementary, and it gives wings to our team,” expresses Daniel Nadeau.

Union forces

Thanks to their respective strengths, they are allies to develop a method that allowed them to keep the interest of students who are deprived of school physical up to the end of the year.

For several weeks, the material is explained in mini-lessons presented in video vignettes, which are posted online. Then, the class has access to exercises and common in the platform Classroom.

“It meets a need,” says Mr. Nadeau. There are those who truly love to learn and, for them, it was necessary to do so.”

Recovery virtual

If a student has difficulty with a concept, he knows that it can attach to a recovery virtual through Google Meet. His teacher is there to greet and chat with him, during a period determined in advance. It therefore offers the possibility of personalised learning.

For the two teachers, it was important to do their part. “I think it’s essential that students can continue their learning, to have stimulation to develop their knowledge and skills. Curiously also, it allows them to have a change of ideas. Not to be always in the obsession of containment,” says Brigitte.


The two colleagues received the thanks of the parents. “I received a lot of emails from parents who thank us, we say that it does help,” says the teacher.

Daniel and Brigitte have wanted, such as in their courses, that maths are related to pleasure.

“We have a similar vision of education, they stress. We want to show students that it is satisfactory to excel and push its potential. The math is not as daunting as you think. We can have fun doing math!”

Having been an engineer in another life Daniel Nadeau to show the practical applications of mathematics in daily life. “I have never regretted my choice,” he says.

Brigitte Labrecque

  • Age : 59 years
  • École De Rochebelle
  • Quebec (Sainte-Foy)
  • Years of experience : 18 years
  • Level of education : 4th secondary

Daniel Nadeau

  • Age : 38 years
  • École De Rochebelle
  • Quebec (Sainte-Foy)
  • Years of experience : 14 years
  • Level of education : 4th secondary
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