Super teachers of the pandemic: a humanitarian trip, will be redirected

Super profs de la pandémie: un voyage humanitaire réorienté

A humanitarian aid trip down to the water because of the pandemic, and who was to lead a group of students, their teacher and several food in the dominican Republic, could be redirected to families in need of Donnacona.

Isabelle Garneau, who teaches languages at the secondary school Donnacona, was due to fly to the dominican Republic in march with a group of students in the purpose of making, for the 10th time, a humanitarian trip.

Fifteen suitcases filled with foodstuffs to be taken away, and they were intended for the children’s Garden, led by Pauline Tremblay in Los Brazos.

As the trip fell in the water, rather than lose everything, the teacher had the good idea to arrange for the collection of funds for improving the contents of the suitcases. Everything has been distributed in a dozen families of his native region.

Food to soothe

The bags contained pasta, and cans, granola bars, snacks, peanut butter, and hygiene products. Thanks to the idea of the professor, to the generosity of the people solicited and raised, meat, vegetables, fruit, milk and bread have been added to the items and delivered to the home.

“The first delivery I made, people didn’t believe it… They were really happy. Eating is a essential need… When you lack food, sometimes anxiety, aggressiveness invite… so I think it is also a gesture that calms,” said the 46 year old woman who has pointed out that often, we forgot that there was so much poverty so close to home.

Ms. Garneau, who also gives private classes in English, in the evening, also decided to involve the parents of these two students and she refuses, since the beginning of the confinement, to be paid.

“A domino effect”

“Usually, I would use the money to travel… but then, I felt bad to take the under… I continue training my students online in the evenings, but I have asked the family of the children to give the money to a food bank,” said the one who decided that this would be his contribution.

“As teachers, we are not deaf. We know that many people have passed negative comments on the fact that we were going to stay home… but, behind the face of global teachers, we must not forget that there are human, and each in our own way, we try to take positive action, which, inevitably, will have a domino effect on our young people”.

Isabelle Garneau

  • Age : 46 years
  • High school Donnacona
  • Donnacona
  • Years of experience : 23 years
  • Level : Secondary
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