Super teachers of the pandemic: cupcakes rainbow to keep morale high

Super profs de la pandémie: des cupcakes arc-en-ciel pour garder le moral

Marie-Eve Bouchard fuelled by passion. The kindergarten teacher of the school Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Jonquière, has kept the link with “friends” during the confinement, even going so far as to prepare the cupcakes rainbow to tell them : “It’s going to go well”.

At the end of April, the teacher went to visit each of her 16 students and it gave a great surprise. In the company of his daughter, Alexandra, she had prepared four cupcakes home-made, decorated with a rainbow for each student.

“It allowed me to talk with the parents and see the children to make sure that everyone was well. I spent a couple of minutes at each location, respecting the two meters. Seeing other humans, it has done me good to me too. It was a very beautiful day” she reminisced.

All in all, Marie-Eve and her daughter have prepared more than 64 cupcakes since other happy, outside of his class, are added to the list of this delivery special.

Take the time

For much of the world, the current crisis will provide lessons learned, considers the one who is a professor since 2001 and has always taught the pre-school.

“I think we should slow down a bit. It’s good to stop and ask what is important. Take time with our loved ones and letting go of some business. This is the message that I have repeated to many parents,” she said.

“This is not serious if they have not worked on the teaching side, because they have practiced to other learning. It is good that the kids learn to cook and do jobs around the house. It is necessary to give more credence to everything that we don’t have the time to make and take the time to do what we did currently.”

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