Super teachers of the pandemic: it creates a documentary on the COVID-19 with his students

Super profs de la pandémie: il crée un documentaire sur la COVID-19 avec ses étudiants

In the impossibility to carry out the final project in his course, a teacher of Québec has decided to create a documentary, with his students, relating the evolution of the pandemic COVID-19.

François Robert was in need of a last work to assess second year students in technical 3D animation and synthesis image at the Cégep de Limoilou. However, pandemic is forcing the project team of the short film, expected to conclude the year fell to the water. And the idea to make a written examination “flat” was not a viable option.

This is not to say that Mr. Robert was about to throw in the towel. A few days before the month of April, the teacher had a revelation on what was to become a window of the situation of the COVID-19, Quebec, experienced by 31 filmmakers become.

Project “Containment”

“It appeared to me one night when I was unable to sleep, lance Francois Robert, laughing. After viewing the ideas that students have me sent, I said to myself that it would be interesting to see their point of view on what is happening during the crisis.”

It is as well as the project “Containment” was born.

Each day of the month of April, a student different must shoot and make a montage of a minute describing the evolution of the pandemic and how he lives it every day. All the footage will then be put end to end to create a documentary.

For the teacher of 39 years, it is a clever way to evaluate his students, but also to be able to put into practice his or her subject mastery, teaching at a distance.

“Frozen in time”

What’s more, the students are very excited by the initiative that allows them to reveal a piece of who they are as individuals during the confinement.

“They are really happy boarding here. Several they also told me that they were anxious to listen to it again in four or five years, to see where we were at this time of the crisis. It is like a project frozen in time,” says Mr. Robert.

Given the impossibility of presenting the project in a large room, the final product was unveiled live on YouTube on 19 may.

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