Super teachers of the pandemic: lessons of mathematics as if it were nothing

Super profs de la pandémie: des cours de mathématiques comme si de rien n’était

The outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus has not changed much for 25 students from grade 5 of the Gaspé region, which, thanks to the personal initiative of their teacher of mathematics, have been able to continue their journey in this material, almost as if nothing had happened.

Since the month of January, even before the word “coronavirus” is on everyone’s lips, the teenagers had abandoned the paper in favor of a more modern. In the framework of the pilot project of “class reverse” of their teacher, Josée Martin, all are equipped with a computer-a tablet with stylus.

The basic idea was to reverse the theory and the practice. Instead of learning the concepts in school and carry out the exercises at home, students can watch in their free time video clips of a teacher, summarizing the theory in fifteen minutes. Thus, in the classroom, all attention could be put on the practice and problems to solve. Ended, the lectures and the homework.


When the COVID-19 has begun to spread in Quebec, and école Antoine-Bernard in Carleton-sur-Mer was forced to close in mid-march, the students had no difficulty to continue from home to their learning in mathematics. Their teacher was only a phone call digital, in case of need.

At a distance, the teacher, 49-year-old could continue to answer questions from the students thanks to a software to video-conference and a notepad interactive.

“It has allowed me to continue the course as if nothing had happened. This is crazy! I would even say that it was better, because this group here, I was only for him”, because the other groups are not yet benefiting from this pilot project, ” says Ms. Martin.

Remarkable Participation

The teacher continued to communicate new knowledge to their protégés, not only to review with them of the old material. To his great surprise, then, that the beginning of the containment was for many young Quebecois of “holiday”, the majority of the group has continued to be at the rendezvous during the first few weeks.

“I find that remarkable. […] May be that I wore a hasty judgement, but I say to myself : my God, this is the only group in the entire school board. All the others are off, then I say to myself : they have all the reasons in the world to let go more”, she says.

When The Journal spoke to him, at the beginning of the month of may, a dozen students were still active on the platform. In spite of the global crisis, they will be well prepared to make the jump to the college, considers Josée Martin.

Josée Martin

  • Age : 49 years
  • École Antoine-Bernard
  • Carleton-sur-mer
  • Number of years of experience : 27 years
  • Level : Secondary 5
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