Super teachers of the pandemic: Mr. Olivier and his superhero to the rescue

Super profs de la pandémie: Monsieur Olivier et ses superhéros à la rescousse

A teacher did not hesitate to capitalize on Star Wars, The Simpsons and superheroes to keep in touch with his students with autism, during the confinement.

The class of Olivier Leger, the school of the Campanile Sainte-Foy, has seven students. It is a class of multi-level in adaptation to school, which welcomes students who live with a disorder on the autism spectrum.

When the containment has begun, Mr. Olivier was immediately put into action. “I thought of my little coco. I was in constant search of what I could do to stay in contact, ” he says, surprised, and proud that its initiatives have been so popular. “I asked myself what I could do for each of them, because they all have special needs.”

Thus, it has targeted the interests of each in order to offer custom activities. The characters of Star Wars, the Simpsons and Marvel have been involved. Even video games, which are a passion for her students, have been used to resolve math problems. “They were the apprentices of the Jedi in their spaceship that went to the adventure” shows-t-it.

Skilled in drawing, he also showed some of his works to engage in a discussion with his students, through a video chat.

As the small love the class periods during which they read, he wanted to “continue this ritual”. It is by the YouTube platform that it has released videos showing him reading a story.

It was then the opportunity to continue learning with an understanding of reading, which was then the link with the subject matter. For example, if the story was about a lion or a wolf, the students were asked to do a research on the animal or to answer a web questionnaire on the topic.

In addition, in the educational kit sent to you each week by the Department, Mr. Olivier has made it his duty to suggest some activities rather than others to parents, based on the abilities and interests of each child.

Valuable tips

Karine Breton, whose son Joaquim is in fourth year, highlights how much the advice of Mr. Olivier have been invaluable to his spouse and it. “This removes a pressure and we secures on the best way to accompany them in their learning.”

The professor has even proposed a meeting custom Zooming to his son, who was “pleased and surprised” to have a virtual conversation with her teacher on the computer. “We are very grateful for all her efforts and little touches to maintain the connection with her students with autism, and also to support them in maintaining their knowledge, if hard-earned” was held to express the mother of Joaquim.

The goal, before the school pick up, was to make contact with students, to reassure them and secure them, but also keep the relationship with them, ” said Olivier Leger.

The response from students has been very positive. The vast majority of them were plugged to the meetings on the web. “The students are involved. I was really surprised.”

Routine Important

For children with autism, routine is important, underlines Karine Breton. This is why the parents were concerned about the loss of points of reference for their breakfast. “We were scared that he would lose his knowledge.”

But the involvement of Mr Olivier was able to mitigate the shock, ” she says. “He made a super effort to take care of the children and he was worried about their well-being.”

Olivier Leger

  • Age : 38 years
  • School of the Campanile
  • Quebec (Sainte-Foy)
  • Years of experience : 5 years
  • Level : special education multilevel
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