Super teachers of the pandemic: “The best year of their lives” in spite of the virus

Super profs de la pandémie: «La plus belle année de leur vie» malgré le virus

A teacher from Quebec, 5e year of primary school has done everything to comply with his promise to make live “the best year of their life” to the young people of his class, despite the context of a pandemic.

Marc-André Perron, teacher at the École Montagnac – building of the Mountain, in Lac-Beauport, exercises his profession for the past 13 years.

As far back as he remembers, with every new school year, it is the promise that his students will spend the best year of their life. Even a global pandemic of COVID-19 could not come to the end of the word of the teacher.

The Direct prof

Once the schools have closed their doors, Mr. Perron was trained as a distance education to launch the “Direct teacher”, a virtual class.

Since then, three or four times per week, for an hour, the teacher teaches to “his favorite” and makes it available via the platform Teams, to answer questions. It also presents them a plan with the level of importance of each work to be done.

“We were told not to teach new material, but when I saw that all of my students participated in my “Direct teacher”, I took the opportunity to go a little further”, says the man, 36-year-old who sees himself as a violator friendly.

Chocolates and choreography

Moreover, in addition to its virtual courses, Mr. Perron organizes “Italian”. These are times where the students can revise and memorize the text they have learned in order to participate in a piece of theatre that they were present in the room to close the school year. It has finally been webcast, in the form of a “reading public virtual”, on may 20.

Truly passionate about the trade, Marc-André Perron could not keep a few video clips per week, it should keep a link with his youth.

Accompanied by his intern, Catherine Richard, the teacher visited the home of each student in her class, at the beginning of the health crisis, to give them a word of encouragement. Then, two weeks later, they made a tour of chocolates from Easter and took the opportunity to discuss with them.

In addition, the containment has not prevented the group to have fun, as seen on a video shared by the teacher where we see his pupils copy a choreographed dance of its own.


And after all the time he gives to “his favorite,” Mr. Perron succeeds, all the same, to be free to volunteer at Moisson Québec.

“I wanted to do my part in this crisis there,” he says.

Marc-André Perron

  • Age : 36 years
  • School Montagnac – building of the Mountain
  • Lac-Beauport
  • Years of experience : 13 years
  • Level : 5th year of primary school
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