Supermarkets versus other outlets: Jacques Tanguay denounces the inequalities

Grandes surfaces versus autres commerces: Jacques Tanguay dénonce les inégalités

QUEBEC | The man of affairs of Québec, Jacques Tanguay deplores the inequalities caused by the fact that some big-box stores remained open at the expense of other businesses since the beginning of the health crisis.

On the 23rd of march last, the prime minister of Québec, François Legault, has ordered the closure of all businesses and all amenities are not essential.

The string québec Furnishings Tanguay sells items such as furniture and appliances. However, major players such as Costco, Walmart and some hardware stores have continued to offer these products so that their physical locations are remaining open.

Mr. Tanguay gives the government the decision to reopen the shops that had been closed since the beginning of the pandemic, the COVID-19.

“We are ready, there have been at the retail level, unfortunately, and it was not wanted, and inequalities, and it must be corrected at the present time”, has launched Jacques Tanguay, Thursday, in an interview with TVA News.

“[The stores] sell household appliances and electronics, Costco, and Walmart sell anything. That night to many of québec retailers who invested, over the years, incredible amounts. This is not an ideal situation, and it must be corrected as quickly as possible,” added the businessman.

He looks forward to the public health authorities and the government Legault take the decision to reopen some shops.

As soon as the re-opening will be possible, Furnishings Tanguay will make significant changes in its stores. The opening hours will be changed.

In the meantime, the website has been updated to allow the viewing of more products and improve the shopping experience for the customers. This represented an investment of approximately $13 million.

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