Support and a little help for CIBL

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
Last Friday, the community radio station CIBL has announced to its thirteen employees that they were laid off until further notice, being unable to pay.

If the “pillars” of the committee of revival of the community radio CIBL are not yet cast in concrete, the station that lives in the moment is a financial crisis receives support and has also received a slight financial support of its creditors.


The Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins, the leading financial partner of CIBL, has consented to the station a little financial assistance. According to the president of the board of directors, Thierry Holdrinet, ” it’s going to give us a little air.” The undisclosed sum will allow the 101.5 FM to have a resource office in its premises, which will be able to handle all office tasks that a certain degree of coordination.


Last Friday, the community radio station in montreal, founded in 1980, announced to its thirteen employees that they were laid off until further notice, being unable to pay.


The board of directors is to work towards the formation of a committee to raise. Two actors, environments, economic and cultural were approached by the station and will evaluate in the coming days on the nature of their involvement.




Different players in media have also had discussions with the chairman of CIBL. The president of Cogeco, Richard Lachance, said Thursday at the annual general meeting of the shareholders of the company that he had met M. Holdrinet Wednesday.


In an interview to Duty, Mr. Lachance explained that his company has offered its support, ” provided that they are able to draft a business plan suitable, with a vision. It helps nobody if the broadcasters are putting money and that it is not going anywhere. Me, I think they need to review their mission and their business model. “


In the words of Thierry Holdrinet, Cogeco, which is very present in the world of radio with, among others, 98.5 FM, Rythme FM and CKOI, could, among other troubleshoot CIBL in dealing with trainees, who would soon settle in this antenna. The Web radio of UQAM,, has also offered his support to the CIBL.


Already in 2016, the company had offered to CIBL in the amount $ 375,000 over three years. The donation was part of the rules of the Board of the canadian broadcasting and telecommunications, which require them to pay a certain percentage of revenue for developing canadian content. Last November, the company had also agreed to give a shot at CIBL the last pan of $ 100,000 for 2018, instead of the spread by quarter.


“It has enabled us to survive up to now, they has saved us with that,” said Thierry Holdrinet.


Other support


The staff of the student radio of the University of Montreal, CISM, have also issued a word of support online. The team 89,3 FM ” is the sides of CIBL to continue to offer an alternative to traditional media and mass culture in an original approach, rigorous and innovative “, and adds the worry of the loss of distinct voices from different backgrounds, and often put aside by the private media “.


In addition, the duo Saratoga has decided to give back to CIBL a grant of $ 750 received from the station at the Gala of the Bourse RIDEAU, a few months ago. The disk label of the group, Moods are Ambiguous, has also benefited from the final match of the Ligue d’improvisation musicale de Montréal, which she organized, to solicit from the generosity of the public. Around 170 $ have been collected.

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