Support group for businesses to overcome challenges

Support group for businesses to overcome challenges

All-day brunch and soup kitchen Cafe Coco suffered as walk-ins dwindled significantly.

It’s a tourist-dependent cafe that’s nestled in the lush greenery of Gardens By the Bay, but suddenly saw sales plunge 90 percent a month with only locals arriving on the weekends.

Their handcrafted artisan waffles, bottled beers, and brown butter choux puffs remained on the shelves as there weren’t many walk-ins, which really worried the cafe’s 31-year-old co-founders Melody Tan and Woody Hein.

The decrease in sales at their point of sale led them to switch to selling Cafe Coco food products by creating an e-commerce platform, and subsequently they looked for a reliable partner who could offer them their delicate bites.

They bumped GrabExpress’ Towkay Club via the Grab app, and the duo haven’t turned to other delivery providers since.

An empty restaurant when Covid-19 hit Cafe Coco, prompting them to tap into GrabExpress for deliveries / Image Credit: Cafe Coco

According to Melody, a reliable delivery platform is “vital to business,” and GrabExpress Towkay Club does just that.

“This is why GrabExpress is our only delivery solution to date. With Grab, our customers get first-hand information on tracking their packages, and we are confident that our products will be delivered safely and quickly, along with proof of delivery. “

Businesses need reliable delivery partners

GrabExpress is a same-day logistics solutions service that aims to help businesses save money by eliminating the logistical stress that owners face.

Melody is part of the GrabExpress Towkay Club. The club aims to help and support small businesses that require delivery services, as it recognizes the challenges that small businesses and home-based businesses face on a daily basis: figuring out how to attract consumers, turn them into orders, and ensure items are delivered. deliver on time, all while worrying. on your bottom line.

As more businesses turn online and require delivery services, finding a reliable partner who can handle this increased demand is crucial.

“Package deliveries are often the most expensive part of the process for F&B companies, but with Towkay Club coupon codes and giveaways, we are able to defray some of our shipping costs,” said Melody.

Support group for businesses to overcome challenges

Melody Tan, Co-founder of Cafe Coco / Image Credit: Cafe Coco

Upon reaching delivery milestones in the Towkay Club program, members are rewarded with even more discounts.

“This makes it a really fun and positive experience when ordering deliveries,” he added.

In addition to savings on deliveries, it also helps companies save time. According to Melody, GrabExpress helps them cut time by at least 70 percent to find delivery drivers.

Save time and money with GrabExpress

Another small business owner, Xavier Chew, 41, started an e-commerce business C-Mart that specializes in fast delivery of alcohol, snacks and desserts during last year’s Circuit Breaker.

He wanted to join the growing trend of online ordering e-commerce. “We opened a store on the High Street to offer a combination of alcohol, beverages and food to meet what we saw was immediate customer demand.”

Support group for businesses to overcome challenges

Screenshot of C-Mart from the Grab app

The business was the result of a turnaround in its car rental business that was severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Xavier joined Grab’s Towkay Club and now uses GrabExpress for most of his e-commerce mall deliveries, which he loves because of its high speed to get delivery drivers.

“The GrabExpress technology algorithm assigns our orders to nearby drivers, while other delivery platforms assign drivers and passengers who might be too far away to meet our delivery times,” he said.

Towkay Club members also get three S $ 5 discount codes on GrabExpress, plus additional discounts on their next GrabExpress ride for each Towkay Challenge milestone they reach.

This translates to savings of around S $ 500 per month on deliveries, which Xavier says are much-needed savings to support his business operations.

The owners of Cafe Coco, Melody and Woody, recommend the Towkay Club by GrabExpress to other SMEs: “Our consumers’ shopping experiences are complemented by Grab to help us with hassle-free deliveries, which makes it a healthy experience for both sellers as well as buyers. “

Xavier from C-Mart highly endorses the Grab Towkay Club for the many perks and benefits that are unique to business owners. Beyond helping him save time and money, it also allowed him to connect with and learn from his fellow Towkays.

You also find GrabExpress very reliable and are happy that it is not limited to commercial uses. In fact, he recently used Grab Express to deliver meals to children in need for a charity project.

Why you should join the Towkay Club

GrabExpress Towkay CIub was created to provide small and home-based businesses with a platform to help lower their delivery costs and enable these sellers to interact with like-minded counterparts.

Users can choose from two types of delivery options and a variety of vehicles to suit their delivery needs, as well as access to same-day contactless delivery and cashless payment options.

Towkay Club members who use GrabExpress for their delivery needs not only get the basic delivery service, but are also rewarded with discounts on their next GrabExpress trip for every reward milestone they achieve.

Support group for businesses to overcome challenges

Image credit: grave

Businesses can also unlock more than S $ 50 in vouchers and rewards by reaching certain milestones in Towkay challenges. Some examples of challenges include achieving a number of deliveries in a month.

The Top Five Towkays are also featured on Grab’s social pages every month to help increase awareness of your business.

According to Grab, the response on Towkay Club has been very good since its launch in April this year, and there have been overwhelming subscriptions since then.

“Our member base covers a wide range of home-based businesses or sellers that have a social media presence across all industries,” said Grab.

Towkay’s colleagues can connect with each other through a Telegram chat group to obtain and share information.

Melody and Woody from Cafe Coco said that the Telegram chat group serves as a support group for businesses to overcome the pandemic. The business group talks about day-to-day concerns, such as concerns companies have about the pandemic and how to get used to the new normal.

“Everyone in the group chat is open and responding to inquiries. It is like a family that makes us feel that we are not alone in this battle against the pandemic. “

Silver vendor level for more Towkay “milestones”

On August 1, 2021, Towkay Club introduced the Silver Seller membership level.

Towkays can enhance your Silver Seller delivery savings with more benefits and discounts on GrabExpress. This includes a 10 percent discount on instant delivery and a maximum fare of just S $ 8 per trip when you choose the four-hour delivery service.

Support group for businesses to overcome challenges

Image credit: grave

When asked why this new tier is being set up, Grab explained that they have a loyal and returning member base, so “they wanted to reward them with more benefits to thank them for their commitment to the Towkay Club.”

To qualify for this level, you will need to complete a minimum of 20 GrabExpress deliveries in one month. Once you meet those criteria, you will automatically become a silver seller the following month.

Are you interested in joining this exclusive Towkay Club to grow your business? You can register your interest here. (Note: You must prove that you are a business owner by sharing your business website or business account on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Carousell when registering.)
Readers who sign up for Towkay Club will receive an additional S $ 5 discount coupon for GrabExpress using the promo code during registration.

This coupon will then be credited to your Towkay Club account once the application has been approved. The promotion is only valid for registrations made before August 23, so don’t miss out!

This article was written in collaboration with GrabExpress.

Featured Image Credit: Grab / Cafe Coco / C-Mart