Support virtual for hockey players confined

Accompagnement virtuel pour hockeyeurs confinés

The pandemic of the COVID-19 has put on hold the careers of thousands of athletes who need to continue to prepare their minds and bodies in view of a possible resumption of sporting activities. The company Hockey Projection has entered the ball rolling to raise awareness about a application any is designated in the circumstances.

Founded almost four years ago by former players of the QMJHL Maxime Aubut and Danick Bouchard, Hockey Projection has designed an app to accompany the players in their development in seven defined areas : physical preparation, psychological preparation, nutrition, hydration, health and rehabilitation, the power skating, skill training and school assistance with SOSprof.

After the user has entered his personal data and dictated its objectives in the application iCoachHockeyD, the latter is invited to follow during the six weeks, the program is tailor-made for him.

Hockey Projection offers an application to assist in the development of the players.

Usually pay, this service is offered free of charge until 1 June because of the health crisis, as a way for its founders to do their part to help, so that the hockey players of any age looking to stay in shape while being confined.

“We know they [the players] need it now, and given that it is a strong need, and since it is also in a situation insécurisante economically, it was decided to be a good player,” says the advisor to the development of the company, Dominic Ricard.

“Our entire team, which includes former players, we all have the same values, which are to help young people and their families,” he continues. In the situation that we are living currently, it is a social mission. It has weighed very strong in the balance to make the decision. “

Dominic Ricard, advisor to the development of Hockey Projection

Beyond the performance

The former director-general of the Voltigeurs of Drummondville insists on one point : the application has been created for all hockey players, young or less young, and not just for the elite.

It reminds us that hockey brings a lot of benefits to the outside of the rink.

“This is not just the performance, it is the physical and psychological health. The hockey, it should be seen as a school of life. When we enrolled our youngest in hockey, this is not always in the point of view that the young person is going to go looking for tools for his physical and psychological health in the short, medium and long term. However, iCoacHockeyD, this is it, ” says the one who is also an advisor to the team of Pat Brisson with the prestigious agency CAA.


This aspect has charmed the leaders of Hockey Quebec, who have signed last year a partnership with the company to allow their members to use the application at a lower cost.

“The hockey is not all the time in a culture that is facilitative when we talk about nutrition and physical preparation. I have a swimmer at home that is 15 years old and a hockey player. And for a swimmer, it is more in his habits of life to pay attention to her nutrition and take care of it mentally and physically […]

“This is an opportunity to educate families and youth and to create a certain buzz, because one of the time being confined,” says Dominic Ricard.

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