Supporters of the CH, are you happy?

Partisans du CH, êtes-vous contents?

Everything indicates that the players Association the national hockey League will give its consent to the presentation of a tournament in the summer involving 24 teams to get the Stanley cup. And so, for the first time in three years, the Canadian would be a series. Hey ! Supporters, are you happy ?

Will still it that governments and public health services to give their approval. But there is reason to think that this folder is advanced.

Vendor series

Let us return to the presence of the Canadian in the series.

Well yes, we are talking about an exceptional situation. But it’s not very serious.

Marc Bergevin, as did some of its counterparts, directors-general, had conducted a sale of the fire before the deadline of the transaction, the 24th of February.

Ilya Kovalchuk has been ceded to the Washington Capitals. Marco Scandella took the road to Saint-Louis. Nate Thompson joined the Philadelphia Flyers while Nick Cousins became a member of the Golden Knights Vegas.

Bergevin thought to the future. It was last chance.

Price too strong for the Penguins ?

However, all of a sudden, lo and his team will end up in series, somewhere in July or August.

And that is what we hear everywhere, including in the media ?

The Pittsburgh Penguins trembleraient of fear at the prospect of having to face Carey Price in a series in the best-of-five matches. Some even speak of the cup.

It is true that anything is possible in a short series, but still.

See the boys, see the girls !

Have I missed something ?

Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang and Matt Murray have been exchanged ?

Keep your feet on the ground, the optimists. With the arrival of the good weather, change your rose coloured glasses for sunglasses.

Be excluded from the lottery would be more serious

What you need to know is that the Canadian was more likely to be found among the holders of the first three choices in the draft, under the lottery, to win the Stanley cup before the break.

Agree, 19 % to win one of the two top three choices, this is not the sea to drink. But it was better than no chance for the cup.

In the tournament, which awaits us, should be that Price to lead his people with great honors to the presence of the Canadian has a real meaning.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of time.

If the Habs came out of the series after two rounds and that his first choice is relegated beyond the 15th, the game will not have been worth the candle.

The rules are the rules

Besides, what hurluberlu could suggest the idea of changing the rules of the draft ?

Instead of saying that the question was only to the study, someone would have had to stand up and say : “There is absolutely no question ! “

Returning to the old formula, according to which only the first choice was the issue, the Detroit Red Wings, who are last in the standings, could not go lower than a level in the order of selection.

However, general manager Steve Yzerman has said that he does not see the need to change the formula in force.

If a man respected and reflected, as Yzerman is of this opinion, all teams in the national League would have had to publicly oppose this suggestion.

Visibility and revenues

But it is Gary Bettman who’s running the show.

It is his job to ensure that his league is becoming more and more visibility and revenue. When he saw the success achieved by the national football League with his last chance to be virtual, he said, the NHL should do the same.

He was ready to take action immediately to its circuit back in the news. However, the NHL is not the NFL in the United States.

This is not because we live in a special situation that he had to think about it ahead of the presentation of the draft and to change the formula either.

But as everything goes through the tv, the leaders of the sports leagues are willing to do anything to make cash , or, in this case, you do not have to repay the networks with which they do business.

All for the tv

Our neighbours to the south, the tournament of the NHL meublera the airtime was planned for the Tokyo olympic Games.

Apart from the cities who will see their team in the competition, how many Americans will be glued to their tv sets ?

Last year, the highest ratings for an NHL game in the USA was recorded during the fifth match of the final between the Blues and Bruins, with an audience of 5.25 million viewers. It is not much for a population of 334 million people.

What will he be with us ?

Since the time we was waiting for the nice weather to enjoy our courses, a day to watch the hockey match after match seems to be quite lousy at this point.

Maybe I will see things differently when the time comes. But between you and me, I don’t think.

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