Suprun dispelled the myths about the dangers of Breakfast

Супрун развеяла мифы о вреде завтрака

Suprun dispelled the myths about the dangers of Breakfast
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The benefits of Breakfast, told Suprun. Photo:

Acting Minister of health believes that the right useful morning snack will give cheerfulness for the whole day.

Acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun called 4 reasons why you should not skip Breakfast and what it is useful.

– Many adults neglect Breakfast, even though I know that is a guaranteed way to health problems, she said.

4 reasons to eat Breakfast

1) stronger desire to eat junk food

Delicious and healthy Breakfast affects the feeling of hunger during the day. So if you didn’t have Breakfast, there is a high probability that the feeling of hunger “make” you have got to go. In addition, people who skip Breakfast are more likely to eat junk food during the day to sort out calories and consume less nutrients.

2) Grow the risk of gallstones

Quite often doctors ascertain the presence of gallstones in young people with normal weight. After analyzing their eating habits is usually that they refuse Breakfast and stick to a lean diet, which leads to thickening of bile.

3) Plan on the fight against obesity won’t work

Skip Breakfast, if you lose weight – not a good idea. Research suggests that people who normally do not eat Breakfast are more likely to gain weight due to the fact that you can’t control the feeling of hunger. Of course, the lack of Breakfast can decrease the amount of calories consumed during the day. However, this is not an effective and safe method to lose weight.

4) No Breakfast will be harder to think

On average, between dinner and Breakfast is 8-12 hours. So after waking your brain needs to be recharged to function properly. The results of the studies indicate that a nutritious Breakfast helps to stimulate memory, concentration and willingness to learn. This is especially important for children and adolescents. Remember that it is better to have Breakfast not later than 2 hours after waking up.

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