Suprun explained why the visitors of the hospitals don’T need Shoe covers

Супрун пояснила, чому відвідувачам лікарень НЕ потрібні бахіли

Overshoes – not a necessity

VA. the Minister of health refuted the myth that all visitors to hospitals should wear Shoe covers. According to her, in the clinics of the developed countries have such a practice. Moreover, in any normative documents of Ukraine specified the requirements that be obliged to wear overshoes.

In most Ukrainian hospitals all visitors have to wear booties, and sometimes even absolutely forbid them to go to the clinic. In addition, the Shoe is not usually free – they offer to buy at your local pharmacy. It turns out that this is not a necessity!

Ulyana Suprun stressed that the only places in the hospital where there is to wear them, is operating and spaces that require aseptic conditions. That is, there are invasive and there are risks of emergence and transmission, because the use of Shoe covers can provide a physical barrier against microorganisms.

At the same time, VA. the Minister of health cites studies that do not confirm the effectiveness of this protection method. For example, scientists six months was measured by the difference between the way the infection spreads, how long are the patients and how often die in the ICU, where staff and visitors wear Shoe covers and put. Significant difference was found.

The initiative for putting Shoe covers on everyone who crosses the threshold of the hospital, usually comes from medical facilities. And aims to reduce the work of cleaners, and sometimes profit at the expense of the purse of the patient.

“Inappropriate use of Shoe covers in such amounts, as is happening now – is economically unjustified and carries no tangible benefit, neither the medical establishment nor the visitors. In addition, the huge amount of discarded disposable Shoe covers pollutes the planet. A damage of ecology has far worse consequences for people’s health than the footprints on the floor” – sums up Suprun.

Супрун пояснила, чому відвідувачам лікарень НЕ потрібні бахіли

The requirement to wear booties is unreasonable / 0532

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