Suprun told, why not to overuse antibacterial cleaners

You need to be careful when using tools with an antibacterial effect.

Супрун розповіла, чому не можна зловживати антибактеріальними миючими засобами

VA. the Minister of health Suprun recommends to be careful in the application of the tools with an antibacterial effect. She reported about it in Facebook, informs Rus.Media.

“You should be careful when you use the tools with an antibacterial effect. After all, when we kill the weak bacteria, then in their place will settle stronger and more aggressive. This is less true of normal detergent without antibacterial action, which physically washed thoroughly surface than ordinary water,” said Suprun.

She said that in fact, all detergents contain antibacterial components, just in some cases they are added to the active actions, and in other cases, it is preservatives – they are used to store the detergent.

“Microbes are incredibly resilient. For example, modify the lipid layer of their membranes to form capsules or synthesize enzymes to neutralize enemy substances,” said Suprun.

According to her, when using the detergents and disinfectants must consider that a lot of detergents in the home can act as irritants in and of themselves to cause allergies.

“For the formation of a strong immune system in children the necessary contact with non-pathogenic bacteria. This, in turn, effective prevention of allergies,” said Suprun.