Surcharge on aluminium: strong reactions in Côte-Nord

Surtaxe sur l'aluminium: vives réactions sur la Côte-Nord

The announcement by the us administration on the imposition of a surcharge of 10% on the aluminum canadian arouses lively reactions on the North Shore.

The management of Alcoa Canada, which operates an aluminum smelter in Baie-Comeau, is disappointed with this decision which will disturb the markets, ” she says.

For his part, the chairman of the factory trade union Baie-Comeau has had enough of this uncertainty year after year. This is the second time that these customs duties are imposed on the production of canadian aluminum. They had been raised in may 2019 after having been in force for one year.

“It gets tiring to always have a sword of Damocles hanging over the head repeatedly since the beginning of the term of president Trump, said Michel Desbiens. All the more that, what he wants to do, it has no utility. There is not enough aluminum in the United States to provide the production factories, so it’s going to hurt its workers in doing so. We request the government of Canada with a reply fast. This time, we need to stop the laugh of us, that’s enough.”

For his part, the member for René-Lévesque hopes for a strong response from Ottawa.

“Once again, the arm patriotic Americans [want to] demonstrate that they are the strongest in this trade war, but this is the time for Canada and Quebec to demonstrate that we take our industry, we take our workers, with counter-measures high,” says Martin Ouellet.

The mayor of Baie-Comeau denounces this gesture a few months of the us elections.

“We feel that the economy wants to start, and there, in Donald Trump we night and night to himself, denounces Yves Montigny. The rates of 10%, there are people who will pay for it. If it is not the producer, it can be the client. Then, there will be bad repercussions both for Baie-Comeau, but for Quebec and the Americans.”

The Alcoa smelter in Baie-Comeau made it work 850 persons.

Alone, the North Shore has two of the nine plants in operation in Canada, is that of Alcoa, and aluminerie Alouette aluminum Smelter in Sept-Îles.

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