Surf rose against pollution: a front image, a constant battle

En surf rose contre la pollution: une image d’avant, un combat constant

London | The scene now seems surreal: the explorer director hawaiian Alison Teal surfing swimsuit, candy pink, on the river Thames in London to recycle waste plastic. It was in march when half of humanity was not confined. But the message remains the same: to protect the planet.

This “Indiana Jones” women, as was called the american magazine Time, puts for years his notoriety at the service of the environment and the fight against plastic pollution.

The thirty-year-old, blond hair and smile mutin, very followed on the network, has a motto: “to educate by entertaining.”

And a method: create happenings in exposing himself with his surfboard pink – made cups are recycled – in unlikely places to ” inspire young people everywhere in the world “. Repeating: “the plastic is killing our oceans.”

Thus it is that, after you have seen surfing on the river Seine in front the Eiffel tower in Paris in 2018, was found in London in early march.

These images, released on the occasion of Earth day on Wednesday, seem to come from another era, one where we could wander and stripping, away from the isolation and the fear of the new coronavirus.

You can see Alison Teal on the river Thames to surf at night, or paddling in picking up waste near Kew Bridge, board pink under the arms in front of Buckingham Palace or in pink bikini, surfing in the banner, in the face of a very serious Horse Guard.

For years, Alison Teal add images shock that it displays in movies, on his blog ( and on the networks where we see her dive into the ocean collecting plastic or paddling in areas of waste, from the Maldives to Los Angeles.

Today confined to Hawaii, she believes that ” it is perhaps the moment of the History to recognize how we are all interconnected to an overall improvement in our health both for the men and for the planet.”

“The impact of the virus on the lives of people is really tragic,” she said to the AFP. At the same time, evoking “oceans and skies more specific” since the beginning of the containment measures in the world, she said that she was ” optimistic about our ability to improve the quality of the air and waterways “.

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