Surfing the surveys are favourable, the Biden eyeing the Texas

Surfant sur des sondages favorables, Biden lorgne le Texas

The democratic candidate for the White House Joe Biden has for the first time broadcast a message advertising campaign in Texas Tuesday, taking advantage of the polls are favourable and challenging his rival Donald Trump on a field long seen as a given for the conservatives.

The advertising message of a minute is part of a larger action, including Arizona and Florida, States won by the president Trump in 2016, but where is the support for the millionaire republican is now on the decline due to frustrations caused by its management of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

An average of polls gives MESSRS. Biden and Trump tied for Texas, which has not voted for a democratic candidate to the White House since 1976, and on which the republicans rely on in their efforts to win the 3 November.

A recent survey by the Dallas Morning News, giving Mr. Biden by five points ahead of his rival, it is stated that not less than 9% of republicans would vote for the former vice president Barack Obama if the election was held today.

“The increase in the number of cases [coronavirus] causes fear and apprehension,” said Mr. Biden in the advertising message, while infections are increasing in the State.

“If you’re sick, if you are in trouble… I will not abandon you not”, he adds, against a background of images of first-aiders hidden, of parents and children as well as people communicating with their loved ones through a glass. “We will fight this together, and together we will come out stronger than before”.

Not to mention the president, the advertising message is clearly to condemn his handling of the crisis.

In a speech Tuesday, Biden was directly referred to the billionaire, blaming “the failure of its response” to the pandemic, and saying that he should listen to public health experts.

“Do your job, Mr. President, because if we can’t manage the health crisis, we can not manage the economic crisis”, he launched.

Biden is ahead of Mr Trump of nine percentage points in the average of national surveys carried out by the specialized site RealClearPolitics.

It is also in the lead in at least five States-keys that could decide the election: Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


Biden unveils an ambitious plan for renewable energy

Joe Biden promised Tuesday to invest massively in renewable energies, a sector that will mobilise “millions of jobs” in the United States, with the ambition to arrive at an electrical output of their own in only 15 years.

“We’re going to make historic investments”, has assured the democratic candidate to the White House, which wants to be the champion of the fight against climate change in the face of Donald Trump to prevail in the election of November 3.

When the billionaire republican “think climate change, the single word which he thinks is “a hoax”. When I think of climate change, I think “jobs”. Unionized jobs are well paid that will put Americans back to work,” quipped Biden in his fief of Wilmington (Delaware).

The climate plan includes a program of construction of housing with low energy consumption, incentives for purchasing electric vehicles manufactured in the United States, or the passage of the fleet of government vehicles electric.

“These investments are “win-win” for this country, creating jobs, reducing energy costs and protecting our climate,” he said.

“Transforming the electric power sector u.s. to generate power without carbon pollution […] will be the largest provider of job creation and economic competitiveness in the 21st century”, launched the former vice-president.

He again promised the return of the United States within the Paris Agreement for the climate, which Donald Trump has withdrawn in 2017, with focus on the end of carbon emissions by 2050.

In total, the public investment will go up to 2000 G$ over four years, according to the campaign materials of the candidate.

With this ambitious plan, the more aggressive that his program presented to the democratic primary, the centrist candidate hopes to satisfy the progressive wing of the party, he needs to win the presidential election.

It took the president Trump, who bet on fossil fuels, such as oil.

“It’s all Donald Trump and the republicans have to offer: policies that look to the past, which degrade the environment, which will affect the health of the country, which will slow down economic promises, while other countries will race in the head”, he warned.

Last week, Joe Biden, had unveiled a massive plan of 700 billions of dollars to revive the american economy after the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

If it is at the head of the national surveys, Joe Biden, however, is lagging behind in the economic sector, where Donald Trump is considered more able by the voters.

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