Surge of traffic in the emergency of Quebec

Neglected in the beginning of crisis, the emergency room of Quebec will see their occupancy rates climb again, some even exceeding the point of saturation.

The stretchers of the Hospital of the Child Jesus were occupied at 111% yesterday after-noon, while those of Saint Francis of Assisi climbed to 88%. At CHUL, the occupancy rate was 74%.

As in most hospitals in Quebec, the emergency of the National Capital experienced a significant decline in their traffic at the announcement of the measures put in place to address the coronavirus, in march. “During the weeks the lower, it is down to near 60% occupancy,” says Danielle Goulet, director of critical care at the CHU de Québec.

Rates on the rise

This data is recently back on the rise, particularly due to the beginning of the déconfinement, analysis, Ms. Goulet. “People are starting to come out. The Child Jesus is a trauma center, so we have people who move more and have more reasons to visit, ” she said.

The situation, however, is far from being out of control. “We go back to a rate more regular. But we have not taken our attendance usual in the emergency room, ” explains Ms. Goulet stated that, in normal times, the five emergency department dealing with approximately 3000 visits per week, while in recent weeks, it is more than 2500 cases.

Same scenario elsewhere

Same sound of bell to the university Institute of cardiology and respirology of Quebec, where the average number of visits per day increased from 46 people, at the end of march, up from 59 at the beginning of may. Over the same period, the average occupancy rate of the stretchers has surged 66.1% to 87,6%.

The CISSS du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, 288 persons were generally in the six emergencies on the network in mid-April. This week, that number climbed to 334. No one is, however, no overflow in the hospitals of this area.

Also in Montreal

There is also a tendency to the higher side of Montreal. In the beginning of containment, 1000 patients presenting to the emergency room each day in the region, compared to 1500 today advance Dr. Gilbert Boucher, president of the Association of specialists in emergency medicine of Quebec. Very far, however, from the average of 2500 entries which prevailed on the average.

Yesterday, six hospitals in montreal had an occupancy rate close to or higher than 100 %. To Dr. Boucher, this situation is mainly due to the patients with the COVID who have obtained their discharge from hospital, but who cannot return to their homes or in NURSING homes given the current crisis. “It’s been three weeks as it accumulates,” he says.

As Dr. Boucher as the CHU de Québec, urging people to come in and consult if the need arises. “We is equipped to take the patients in charge. This is not a good reflex not to come visit because they are afraid of the COVID ” pleads Danielle Goulet.

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