Surgeons are afraid of the COVID in NURSING homes

Des chirurgiens ont peur de la COVID dans les CHSLD

The quebec Association of surgery has warned its members against the risk of contracting the COVID-19 going to lend a hand in NURSING homes and encourages them to keep in shape for the resumption of operations.

Last week, the prime minister François Legault has launched an appeal to all the specialists to go to work in facilities that provide senior healthcare services.

Approximately 150 surgeons have responded to the call. While acknowledging their commitment, the president of their association, affiliated to the Federation of physicians and specialists, warned.

Serge Legault.

“We are talking here about a highly contagious infection, with a mortality rate of non-negligible “, writes Dr. Serge Legault in a letter to its members.

He invites them to return to their homes if they do not feel sufficiently protected.

“It would be unfortunate that the appeal to the “solidarity” results in operating rooms cancelled, due to surgeons ill or in quarantine, the doctor says, We are surgeons, we are important to our society. ”

Legault criticized

The president also criticized the way the prime minister has appealed to specialists. If it is determined that the pandemic has been well managed since the very beginning, everything has sided with death by the hundreds in NURSING homes.

“We start again then we break sugar on the back. We are responsible for their mess “, he laments.

Yesterday, the prime minister has opened the door to a gradual resumption of the surgeries (see other text). Hundreds of surgeons have found themselves with a reduced work load with the cancellation of thousands of elective surgeries to free beds in hospitals.

Many of them did feel, however, not equipped to play a role similar to that of the orderlies.

“There is no fire,” said one of them under the cover of anonymity.

Why us ?

Some are asking why the prime minister has especially focused on specialists rather than family physicians.

Others wonder why we call them when there is a lack of staff. It is as well that Saturday night, an email was sent to doctors hospital Charles Le Moyne and Pierre-Boucher to go to work as attendants at the Residence Our Lady of Victory, in the borough of Saint-Hubert in Longueuil, quebec.

Yesterday, there were 44 out of the 47 residents who were carriers of the virus.

“We should remember that our primary mission is happening in the operating room, where we need to be healthy and robust, to catch up with the backlog on the waiting lists,” says Dr. Legault.

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