Surgeons of Russia and Europe shared their experience with colleagues from Kyrgyzstan

PHOTO : Mir / Dmitry Belitsky


In Bishkek surgeons of Russia and Europe held a master class for Kyrgyz counterparts. Showed how to use new technologies to replace the heart valve in a child, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Zhaynagul Raimkulova.

The operation takes several hours. Kyrgyz experts help the Professor from Moscow. Thanks to new techniques the child will live a full life, without restrictions.

“Any such operation not only brings health to the children, but this is a training message. People see that this is, firstly, it is possible to do. Secondly, it can be done in these conditions, which is very important”, – said head of the Department of reconstructive surgery of newborns of the National center of cardiovascular surgery named after Bakulev Alex Kim.

According to this procedure the surgeons Kyrgyzstan work for the first time. At the three-day forum to share the experience of surgeons from the CIS and Europe. Planned 20 joint operations, which earlier in the country did not. Brought materials and equipment. Here experts from Germany seamless insert the prosthesis.

“By all accounts the operation went well. We are satisfied with the results. Unfortunately, some equipment is missing. But despite this, the local operating teams of high qualification”, – says Deputy Director of the University clinic of cardiac surgery Alexander weimann (Germany).

Gulnaz Berdiev – one of the patients. She had surgery without major incisions. This method leaves no scars, and most importantly – easier to bear, because to crack the chest is not necessary.

“It is really a good method. Not a serious post-operative period. Here had surgery yesterday, and today feel good. God forbid, the evening itself will begin to walk,” says the patient.

All surgery patients are for free. And surgeons of Kyrgyzstan the main thing – experience. Now that you have the appropriate equipment and local doctors will be able to conduct operations using the latest methods.

Surgery for stenting vessels of the heart surgeons perform foreign and on the West of the country, in Jalal-Abad.