Survey: 6.8% of Britons plan to invest in bitcoin

Опрос: 6,8% британцев планируют инвестировать в биткоин

According to a new survey of the site Crypto, Radar, 67% residents of the UK aged 18 to 65 years are not the holders of bitcoin and are not going to buy them in the future. The survey involved 2,500 people.

Holders of the first cryptocurrency among all respondents was 5.3 per cent, but more than half of them reported that they no longer want to invest in bitcoin. At the same time, 6.8 percent of respondents reported that they intend to buy BTC in the future, although at the time of the survey did not own them they do want to know how to buy bitcoin.

About 20% of respondents said that they are not familiar with digital assets despite the growing popularity of scriptaction.

The head of the Crypto Radar amine Rahal noted that in recent time bitcoin has become a very attractive asset for young investors who want to receive income from its volatility.

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