Survey on indigenous women: the allegations against the priest Alexis Joveneau

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Simone Bellefleur said to have been sexually assaulted repeatedly by the priest Alexis Joveneau.

Frustrated, sad, and broken, a woman from the community of Unamenshipi, a reserve at the edge of the river Roman, testified Wednesday the pain of living that she has inherited the parish priest Alexis Joveneau, who is said to have sexually assaulted repeatedly, some time in the company of friends.


“I was about 10 and the priest gave us the things,” said the broken voice Simone Bellefleur. “It was in the confessional, normally when we go there, we’d get to her knees. Him, he invited us to sit down on him. What I’m going to tell you, and you heard it yesterday. I experienced the same thing. “


Ms. Bellefleur has admitted to having been seized by a profound anger, when she heard on Tuesday the testimony of Mary Mark, an aboriginal who has lifted the veil on the machinations of the missionary. According to the testimonies delivered in the last two days, the priest Alexis Joveneau has long been perceived as a God in the indigenous community.


“When I saw the news [Radio-Canada] Tuesday night, in their story there was a picture of the father Joveneau that was a sign of the cross to my grandmother on her death bed, that scene, I didn’t like it. A sense of anger overwhelmed me and I realized that I was wearing this frustration for a long time “, mentioned Mrs. Bellefleur.


With the benefit of hindsight, Ms. Bellefleur said to have realized that the pain of living that she has, she has inherited the parish priest Joveneau.


“I’ve never experienced abuse from my parents. Until the age of seven years old, I remember that it was my grandfather who gave me my first lessons “, she told. “The violence, the first time I experienced it came from the good sisters and the pastor. “


Ms. Bellefleur has argued that the father Joveneau often invited a group of young girls to do the dishes.


“It was to do the same thing [in the confessional]. I was not alone, I was with other girls and he would do the same thing at all. We were a gang and we took turns “, she mentioned, wiping away her tears.


The lady is also back on his schooling with the sisters. Often absent or late, she told that she was cutting the nails and hair as punishment.


“I remember we started to laugh at me. It is with the sisters that the teasing between young people started in our community “, she stressed.


More details to come.

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