Survivors of alien encounters are told how they look

Выживший после встречи с пришельцами рассказал, как они выглядят

That aliens kidnap people for some, they are aware of the goals has long been known.

The stories of those who survived after communicating with aliens sometimes get in the press. Generally these stories are considered to be the ravings of crazy people, but there are eyewitnesses who get out of the number.

Thus, a resident of Surrey spoke about his experiences with aliens.

It happened when he went to visit his elderly mother. On the way his car suddenly appeared a huge space ship. The aliens, taking advantage of complete isolation of men from the outside world, imprisoned him, reports vistanews.

“He opened the hatch of their ship, a bright beam of light blinded me. I lost consciousness and when she awoke, around me was a terrible astral projection,” – says the Briton.

The man tried to speak, but lost consciousness again.

The Briton insists that those gathered around him an alien entity has scanned his whole body and mind.

“They seemed to vitrasius soul,” he said.

This looked like aliens differently than they show in sci-Fi movies. It was not little green men with huge eyes and ridiculously elongated skulls.It was a transparent astral ghosts, from which oozed a sepulchral cold, says the man.

British, apparently, was not for the aliens that woke up some time later in his car with no external signs of any interference in the body.

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