suspected contamination of a fifth farm in Landes, the first in Chalosse

    suspected contamination of a fifth farm in Landes, the first in Chalosse

    A fifth farm in the Landes could have been contaminated by the H5N8 virus in Sort-en-Chalosse, in the Landes. The samples were taken on Saturday evening. As a precaution, the ducks have already been slaughtered before the results are announced.

    Has H5N8 avian influenza contaminated a fifth farm in the Landes? In Sort-en-Chalosse, the 2,000 ducks from a farm were slaughtered this Sunday, December 20 because the presence of the virus was there strongly suspected, as Marie-Hélène Cazaubon, president of the Landes Chamber of Agriculture, confirms to us.

    The mayor of Sort-en-Chalosse expressed the distress of the breeders concerned, after going to meet them: “getting up in the morning, and seeing your farm empty at night, it’s terrible.”

    Preventive slaughter

    Of Specimens were made on Saturday evening in the breeding in question, they are analysis course to confirm or not the presence of the virus. Pending the results, a temporary control area of 40 communes is set up around Sort.

    The Landes prefecture has just published the list of municipalities affected by the temporary control zone in an order.

    Alert all breeders

    “We call on the breeders to be extremely vigilant, everything is done to monitor the area” reacts Marie-Hélène Cazaubon. The Landes Chamber of Agriculture contacted the independent breeders, the others were warned by their groups.

    The town of Montfort-en-Chalosse, located near Sort-en-Chalosse, also alerts its citizens on its facebook page.

    Suspicion of an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in the town of Sort-en-Chalosse. For Montfort: …

    Posted by Mairie de Montfort-en-Chalosse on Sunday, December 20, 2020

    The first contaminated farm in Chalosse?

    The first four contaminated farms in the Landes were all in the same area, in Saint-Geours-de-Maremne, Angresse, and Benesse-Maremne. But this is not the case with this fifth breeding, which is in a area with many more palmiped farms, the Chalosse.

    The town of Sort-en-Chalosse alone has 17 duck farms, either mainly or secondary.

    Given this livestock density, depending on the results of the analyzes, the services of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Landes prefecture could decide to proceed with thepreventive slaughter of other neighboring farms the coming days.

    If the memory of the 2016 epizootic is in everyone’s mind, the situation is different this year, for Marie-Pierre Pée, president of CIFOG, the Interprofessional Committee of Palmipeds in Foie Gras. First, some of the “festive poultry” have already left for the consumption circuit, so some farms are empty.

    Ensuite, “buildings were built in 90% of the farms, the animals were confined there from the alert in October”, she adds.

    Finally, “in 2016, the ducks were slaughtered when the results of the analyzes were known. But we do not have time to wait”, emphasizes Marie-Pierre Pée.

    Map: Sort-en-Chalosse, south-east of Dax

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