Suzuki S-Presso has caused a stir in the first days of sales

Suzuki S-Presso вызвал ажиотаж в первые дни продаж

Japanese company Suzuki has shared information about the beginning of acceptance of applications for a new crossover S-Presso.

The car is in great demand – every day it receives thousands of pre-orders.

This hype did not expect in a Japanese company. This is partly due to the fact that new cross is the most budget in the model range of the brand in the Indian car market.

In addition to low prices, the car also has a modest size – its length is 3 665 mm, the width of 1 520 mm, and the height reaches 1 mm. 564 New SUV has a fairly high ground clearance – 180 mm.

In motion the Suzuki S-Presso provides an engine displacement of 1.0 liter. The return of the powertrain is 68 HP

Suzuki S-Presso вызвал ажиотаж в первые дни продаж

It may not look much, but the manufacturer claims the very low fuel consumption. Paired with the power unit works as a mechanic and a robotic gearbox. All variants are available only with front drive.

Suzuki S-Presso вызвал ажиотаж в первые дни продаж

The car equipment is quite rich, especially considering its low cost – customers available front airbags, ABS, push button Start/Stop Engine, multimedia system with touch screen.

The basic version of the new crossover is worth 369 thousand rupees. The most expensive package will cost 491 thousand rupees.

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