Svetlana Loboda in a slinky dress boasted a slim figure

Светлана Лобода в облегающем платье похвасталась стройной фигурой

24 may 2018 Svetlana Loboda second time became a mother, giving birth to a daughter. The name of the child and the child’s father while the singer did not declassify. It seems that the artist does not intend to focus the attention of the press and fans at a recent replenishment, because soon she went back to work, presented a new song and even came on the scene. A little more than three weeks since, as Svetlana gave birth to a second daughter, but now she is in terrific shape!

The blog of the actress appeared photo in which she poses in a slinky black dress with transparent inserts. “The return”, is briefly signed by the artist. Looking at her figure, hard to believe she recently gave birth! Slim waist, toned body and only a single change markedly enlarged Breasts. In a recent interview she admitted that her tiny daughter’s Breasts, and even standing concerts, expressing. Now fans not only fall asleep favorite compliments, but wonder how she managed to recover quickly after childbirth.

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