Svetlana Loboda spoke about the relationship of the singer of Rammstein with the name of the daughter

Светлана Лобода рассказала о связи вокалиста Rammstein с именем дочери

All this time she kept the name of the younger daughter from the fans and refused to admit the alleged sake of avoiding unnecessary hype on this occasion.

However time mysteries concerning the birth of the girls came to an end and now Svetlana Loboda revealed the secret of the unusual name of his daughter.

My youngest daughter’s name is Tilde!“, said Loboda, after which fans excitedly began to talk about the fact that now they are one hundred percent sure that the girl’s father is till Lindemann the singer of Rammstein.

Of course little Tilda heard there was already the German press. Friend and producer Loboda Natella Krapivina, it is recognized that the Lindemann saw the headlines about pregnancy Svetlana from him and soon wrote Loboda message with the following text: “you and global success!”. Krapivin, however, refused to reveal other secrets. According to a friend, Loboda carefully guarding their personal space from various third-party interference.

I respect the desire of Svetlana keep their personal space, so don’t ask her no questions asked. Knowing that the Light is in a relationship, but to comment on that I unfortunately can’t. There its territory. First, I personally feel good, secondly the story Till too beautiful in itself, “said Krapivin.


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