Svetlana Loboda will give birth to her child in the United States

The singer Svetlana Loboda, who recently officially admitted the pregnancy to give birth in the United States. The name of the father of the unborn child, the singer did not disclose.

Світлана Лобода буде народжувати дитину в США

Don’t know even native artist. This was stated by the father of the singer Sergey. According to him, any choice of his daughter approves, though does not know who the child’s father, reports Rus.Media.

Світлана Лобода буде народжувати дитину в США

According to the singer’s father, she tried to hide the pregnancy as long as possible.

“We are happy, and daughter wanted another baby. The father of the future baby it is, we have not yet presented, but any choice daughter, I approve,” said the father Loboda.

He also added that the singer is not going to linger long in the decree as quickly as possible back to the stage.

Also the man said that she will give birth in a clinic in Los Angeles where I will go very soon. Svetlana should give birth in may. I should add that in the hospital at the time, was born the children of Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Alsou.

Світлана Лобода буде народжувати дитину в США

Recall, the Russian media reports that the likely father of the child Loboda is a 55-year-old leader of the German band Rammstein till Lindemann, but no tangible evidence of this version does not.

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