Svili godinniki schodo realset reforms

Звірили годинники щодо реалізації реформ

Perang realzar of doublenotes 21st samtu Ukraine — ºC became the subject of Telefono rozmowy of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Selenskogo s Evropeisko For President Donald Tusk at the fourth.

Donald Tusk privte suttle activtity reforms in our country, in particular in context vikonannya Please about the Association z ºC. Okremo theme rozmowy Bula Energetichna BEZPEKA Clubbing in the situation s realsize project “Punny potik-2”. Spfresponse pogorelica schodo velivet bizumungu otrimannya WSM powers of members splinti energetichnogo legislature ºC.

V. Zelensky, Yak Yogo pormo press-service, podakova D. Tusk for wagomu the NKVD role in the development of spiters mizh Civam the Brussels pid hour Yogo perebuvannya on Posad President Evropejsko For the pobazhav USPHS have podalshe diyalnosti.

Also the fourth President provv zustrich z ambassadors of the countries “Veliko SMCI” (G7). Spfresponse discussed Perang reforms in Ukraine. V. Zelensky in this context nagolovu scho robot leads to declick nadiyah, and in particular over whalenet I wilena zakonu, that often apopular, ale Viliv for repairing economcial climate in Ukraine. Okremo the attention of every pid hour sustr Bulo tserediani on borotbi s korupci. Participants discussed details Sadovo reform, in particular elementary law schodo diyalnosti organs suduko Radovana. Also yshlosya about the fate mineralnih experts have formuvanni new warehouse Visa qualiy Commission sudv Ukraine Commission I s of pitane dobrochesnosti etiki when Visi red pravosudja, powderly press-service of the President.

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