Swamp horror of the Wehrmacht: how the Red army liberated Minsk



75 years ago by the Nazis was liberated Minsk. About how it happened, the TV channel “MIR 24” said historian and publicist Alexander Shirokorad.

Alexander Shirokorad: the Uniqueness of the operation in its swiftness. Were involved in a huge power and money. The Germans had around 900 thousand soldiers and officers, and the intensity of the fighting is demonstrated by the fact that the Red army used about 1 million shells and min 1400 wagons of ammunition.

Alexander Shirokorad: the Germans did not expect that engineering and ingenuity of the Russian soldier will go through the impenetrable swamps. In Belarus and in the North of Smolensk region a huge number of wetlands. With the end of 1943 and in early 1944 tried to take in the forehead impregnable German positions on a more or less dry areas. Had big losses, the offensive failed. The Germans to some extent complacent. On the other hand, they were misled by misinformation several reports indicating that the planned attack on other fronts. To the extent that the division commanders received the order at the last moment. No one knew where and how. The level of secrecy was very high.

Alexander Shirokorad: Because it was near the Smolensk oblast, where also a very swampy area, there were training. The troops were ready. Finally, there has been a large number of tanks. By the way, one of the first tanks, which broke into the Minsk, were the old T-28. The famous tank commander. The tank was good. The booking was not weak, after the Finnish war had booked the frontal part very well. By that time, although the armor of our tanks has increased and the T-34 was a powerful tank, the German antitank weapons were very effective. They punched our tanks, the losses were large. But Minsk took of the tank. By the way, the Germans in March 1944 announced the Minsk fortified area was called his castle.