Sweat plastic Windows and what to do?

If plastic Windows sweat heavily, it may be due to various reasons. And need to figure out and resolve to forget about the problem.

Потіють пластикові вікна: причини і що робити?

With the problem of fogging of the Windows is facing a lot of people, but not everyone knows why it occurs. Find out the causes of condensation and start to get rid of it, informs Rus.Media.

As there is condensate?

Fogging of Windows is, in fact, the formation of condensate, which consists of fine droplets on the glass. Condensation occurs due to high humidity or considerable temperature difference inside and outside the premises.

A few decades ago people faced with this problem, as most houses were wooden Windows with separate valves. And it is this structure protected from condensation: a large distance between the glass allowed to neutralize the difference in temperature, keeping the heat inside and not letting the cold out. In addition, wood is a porous and “breathable” material which passes air and absorbs moisture, which also helped to neutralize the condensation.

A description of the problem

The problem may manifest itself in different ways:

  • The Windows start to sweat in autumn and winter, in the warm season, the condensate disappears.
  • Fogging is observed only in the kitchen.
  • The condensate is observed in the morning and in the lunch disappears.
  • Plastic Windows sweat in one room, in others, everything is in order.

Normally, when the fogging of the window wiping the glass does not give the desired effect, and after some time the condensation appears again. Drops can drain down the surface of the glass, leaving puddles on the windowsill. In addition, humidity will be high.

What misted Windows?

Потіють пластикові вікна: причини і що робити?

Why sweat plastic Windows? The problem is quite common, and its causes can be various:

  • Have the cheap single-glazed Windows. The design has only one air chamber (the space between the panes), and it does not protect against penetration of cold in the room, which is why there is a big difference in temperature and its abrupt change when cold on the street.
  • Low-quality fittings will break the seal on the glass.
  • The failure or poor quality seals that run between the frame and the profile. The window in this case is not completely closed, and through the gap penetrates the cold.
  • Error during installation of plastic Windows, which could lead to the formation of cracks between the opening and the profile through the holes in the room will get cold. In addition, employees who were involved in installation could damage the glass and compromise its integrity.
  • High humidity in the room. The level may increase from the Laundry, which is dry, many plants placed in indoor tanks with water or its sources.
  • Lack of proper ventilation in the room. Rate the serviceability and the operation of the ventilation holes and think, are you sufficiently ventilate the room.
  • Not translated double-glazed Windows in winter mode. Windows that are in summer mode, do not provide adequate insulation in the cold season.
  • A wide window sill. It will completely cover the underneath of the battery and prevent the access of heat to the Windows. Accordingly, the bottom of the window will be warm enough, which will lead to condensation. In addition, the propagation of heat can break screen mounted to the radiator.
  • Recently completed repairs. Most repair work involves the use of liquid mixtures, which will evaporate for some time, increasing the humidity in the room.
  • Defective or damaged glass. If the window sweating from the inside, that is between the glass, not outside, it is likely to leak, which is a prerequisite for normal functioning.
  • Not sufficiently isolated and insulated soffits, through which there is heat and gets cold outside.

How to solve the problem?

What should I do to Windows have stopped sweating? The solution will depend on its causes and can include the following steps:

  1. If Windows isn’t set correctly, contact the company that did the installation and report the problem. Employees are required to come and eliminate blunders, and it must be free.
  2. Single-chamber glass, it is desirable to replace the more qualitative, which has the best insulation on the two – or three-chambered.
  3. Defective hardware must be replaced, defective or badly damaged, the seals of the valves.
  4. Numerous plants are on the windowsill, especially the richly irrigated and have a succulent fleshy leaves is better in other places.
  5. High humidity in the room cut it: do not dry underwear here, remove the water tank, turn on the heaters (they are well dried air).
  6. If the problem is in the slopes, ensure their quality and proper insulation. In addition, it is important to choose a good insulation.
  7. After a significant reduction in temperature be translated to the Windows in winter mode to protect the inner space from the cold.
  8. The battery needs to be open to heat, which is released it is evenly warmed up Windows. The window sill it is desirable to reduce. The screen that covers the radiator, remove.
  9. To ensure normal air circulation and proper ventilation clean or replace the ventilation grids if they are faulty. You should also regularly ventilate all the rooms in the apartment, and preferably doing it twice a day.
  10. In the kitchen, which often preparing food (as it inevitably increases the level of humidity and increases the temperature difference), install the hood. And even more often open the sash and place them in the position of macroprolactinemia.


To avoid condensation, follow a few simple rules. First, follow the microclimate in the room: the level of humidity and temperature. Second, stick to the recommendations on the correct use of plastic Windows. Third, follow the serviceability of glass and hardware in a timely manner and resolve issues that arise.