Sweden changed the name of Belarus for official requests

Now the Kingdom will only use the name “Belarus”

Швеция изменила наименование Белоруссии для официальных обращений

STOCKHOLM, 25 November. /TASS/. The Swedish government has decided that it is now in official visits to Belarus will only use the name “Belarus” (Belarus), and not “Vitryssland” (Vitryssland, vit translated from Swedish -“White”, Ryssland – Russia), as before. This was announced by the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom Anne Linde in an article published Monday in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

“This recognition of the Belarusian civil society and the people, who for a long time sought to emphasize national identity and sovereignty of their country”, – says the head of the Swedish foreign Ministry.

Thus the foreign Ministry refuses to name, which may cause Association with Russia: the end of “Russia”, writes Linda, “does not point to Russia.”

Information about the Ministry’s decision came on a joint visit to Anne Linda and her Finnish counterpart Pekka Haavisto in Minsk.The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Sweden also recalls that the transition from the use of the name “Vitryssland” to the name “Belarus” has already happened in English and French.

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