Sweden took first place in the rating of most technologically advanced countries

Швеция заняла первое место в рейтинге самых технологически развитых стран

Sweden took first place in the ranking of the countries most open to new technologies, compiled by the analytical division of British magazine The Economist — Economist Intelligence Unit. Together with Sweden in first place was Singapore and Australia, according to euro-pulse.ru.

In the past year among the leaders were Finland, and in 2018 it shared 4th place with five other countries — France, Netherlands, Germany, Japan and the United States. Russia this year was on the 32nd place together with Slovenia, China and Argentina.

The rating included 82 major economies of the world. The result was calculated on the basis of three criteria: the use of the Internet (and the companies and inhabitants of the countries), the infrastructure for the digital economy (online Commerce, e-government, the level of cyber security) and openness to innovation (in particular, the activity of research in the country and its interactions with the developers in the rest of the world). According to the developers, this rating should help innovative companies to navigate the international digital environment.

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