Sweden will open the first airport in the world with virtual dispatch

Scandinavian mountains of Sweden in 2020 will dig the world’s first airport equipped with a virtual control room. For the construction and technologies used in a startup R-TWR is the responsibility of the company Saab.

В Швеции откроют первый в мире аэропорт с виртуальной диспетчерской

Modern airports have a standard dispatch centers, located in the tower with all-round visibility. Panoramic Windows allow staff to control the situation in the air and on the runway, giving clear instructions to pilots.

Virtual dispatch, the installation of which will start this year, can be accommodated in any administrative building in the territory or outside the airport. Image in the center will transmit a camera stationed around the perimeter. The operator can ask the system any parameters to apply to the selected picture. A new opportunity will let you recognize and respond to abnormal situations.

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