Swim to the rogulev

Заплыв к рогулям

Fringe parties a Voice, whose leader in 2015-the year of Russian money singing songs for the Russian oligarchs in Monte Carlo urged to convene an extraordinary session to “save the investigation of the Maidan”.Expensive rhymer and heroes of the Russian parties, first, go slowly with its Maidan NC.Second, your suggestion about the amendments and the automatic transfer of investigators from the GPU in the RRG – preservation six-year total falsification of the criminal case. Only new investigators are able to analyse who and what was fabricated in this case the evidence deduced from the liability Parubiy and the rest poursuite bull who shot at police officers, disarmed military units, organized riots and stole two key volumes of the investigation with dozens of video evidence .And thirdly, what’s with the hunger strike of lawyer independence? Control fridge someone makes?The Prosecutor General’s office reported the suspected former judge of Kiev, who made decisions about the arrests of activists of the Euromaidan, – said the GPU.The attorney General continues to swim rogulev. Fuck off already from the judges, they are absolutely correctly and lawfully arrested the rioters and bedlow.Apparently, you feel that soon you will in turn pay the judges of compensation and recover the posts.And when you get fired, might come to them in a special car, if you continue to show regalism and to think you sat there forever.Portnow

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