Swimming lessons at home

Des cours de natation à la maison

With the cancellation of sessions of swimming through Quebec because of the pandemic of the COVID-19, and the opening of swimming pools and water bodies over the next few weeks, an entrepreneur in montreal offering its own program for young children online.

Karina Renaud, the mother of three children, a teacher and founder of the program, ” Swim for life “, has managed to finish his project online teaching in aquatic environment.

A course video includes nine modules that focus on the survival methods in water. Thus, the emphasis is placed on the waterline backbone in calling for vigilance, security, and surveillance around a body of water.

By offering its introductory course at a cost of 25 $ instead of 80 $, it would like to provide a background of knowledge sufficient to the parents and children at the approach of the summer season. She doesn’t see back arrow to the statistics of drowning in Quebec.

0 to 5 years

According to a government report on drownings in Quebec from 2009 to 2016, 42 % of the victims in the public swimming pools were aged 0 to 5 years. Not surprisingly, the summer period is the most terrible that each year, approximately 80 people drowned across the province.

To avoid the tragedies, learning to swim is the best prevention. According to Ms. Renaud, it is never too early to learn how to swim and put a baby confidence in the water. Word of a teacher, sauveteuse and former athlete in swimming who participated in the olympic qualification.

Learning period

“With the current situation and the measures of containment, this is the perfect opportunity for parents to work with the methods of swimming with their baby or child before the summer,” says Ms. Renaud. It is not necessary to wait for the opening of the pools. They can start now in the bath. ”

“The routine, the methods and swimming skills will develop with time, continues the who has developed a wide network of clients in the Montreal region and Quebec. It is necessary to repeat and to persevere in all stages of a program. The progression was rapid. ”

“This online course is a departure. He teaches gently and gradually the children to become good swimmers. Around the age of two to three years, the child is able to swim by himself with efficiency. ”

“At this age, they are able to jump into the water, to turn it back on, will propel you to the edge of the pool, beating of the legs, grab and get out of the water. This is a learning process that will be used for the whole life. ”

According to the statistics of the edition 2020 of the government report on drownings in Quebec between 2009 and 2015, 42 % of victims in residential swimming were aged five years or less. A situation that still remains a concern across the province.

In 2019, the lifesaving Society has identified 58 deaths, one more than the previous year.

► For more information on the program, visit the web site : www.swimforce.ca/p/nager-pour-la-vie

5 tips to teach baby to swim

  • The development of the trust
  • The position of the body in the water
  • The control of the breath and the reflex of holding your breath
  • Development of the respect of the rules near an aquatic environment and awareness of the dangers
  • Consistency and repetition
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