Swiss AGTG SA intends to sue Ukraine over a million dollars

Швейцарская AGTG SA намерена отсудить у Украины более миллиона долларов

Swiss trading company AGTG SA diesel fuel which blocked the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities for several months, determined to defend their interests in court and recover damages from state bodies, for blocking the fuel to be delivered to Romania.About it the representative of the company told in an interview with Oilpoint.
According to the company, the tanker “Mriya” was arrested in neutral waters, after which it was towed to the Kherson terminal.
On Board of the ship there were 2.5 thousand tons of fuel to be delivered to the Romanian port city of Constanta, however, due to the illegal actions of the Ukrainian militiamen it was blocked in Kherson, which the company suffered losses.
According to the representative of the AGTG for each day of delay of delivery the company will be forced to pay the recipient of the fuel 15 262 thousand dollars. Fuel company handled yesterday. The delay was 70 days, in fact, the company will pay penalties of more than a million dollars.
“If we do not receive protection in the Ukrainian courts to recover damages that will appeal to the European court that clearly establish a violation of property rights and award compensation from the Ukrainian budget of the company AGTG”, — said the representative of the company.
The hearing, which will consider the legality of the arrest of the tanker “Mriya” will be held tomorrow in Kherson.
The ship is arrested on suspicion of the visit to occupied Crimea in 2015, when it belonged to another owner.
It is known that the SBU investigators have already established list of persons who at the time were members of the team, all of them citizens of the Russian Federation. Then the captain is already declared suspicion. Now the team consists entirely of Ukrainian seamen, the captain is also Ukrainian.
The company’s lawyer opined that the case is unlikely to reach logical conclusion due to the insolvency of the charges. At the request of the company, where the investigation information about the ports of Crimea, the investigators reported that the information they were given Administration of seaports, and in ASD, in turn, the data from the command of the naval forces of Ukraine.
After the request, into the Navy, a company’s lawyers got the answer that they have all information transmitted by e-mail, but due to limitations of email volume, all the information is already lost, so we cannot confirm or deny ASD.
The company AGTG SA is engaged in wholesale trade, transportation and delivery of petroleum products and coal to Ukraine and the EU.