Swiss fly on jetpacks-wing

Reactive people. Enthusiast the Swiss Aviator flew over the mountains of Italy on a jetpack-wing of his own design, reports channel “MIR 24”. Yves Rossy in the past military and civilian pilot. For several years he moves in an unusual aircraft with a rigid wing made of carbon fiber.

Swiss accelerates to 300 kilometers per hour. As fuel – aviation kerosene. After getting the engines in the sky will produce fuel, man descends to earth by parachute.

Note that at least the thrill of experiencing and base jumpers. So, in may 2017 American miles Daisher made a most dangerous leap in the history of the sport. He jumped with the famous Palace of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. The height of the canyon is only about 60 meters, width – 30. Extreme was forced to open the parachute right at the moment of jump, otherwise it crashed.