Switzerland will remain in 2020 the quota for workers from “third countries”

Швейцария сохранит в 2020 году квоты для работников из «третьих стран»

Next year Switzerland will give 8 500 work visas for citizens of countries outside the EU, that is the same as in 2019. The Swiss government also confirmed the earlier decision that in the case of “hard” scenario of a British exit from the EU (Brexit) will be additionally allocated a quota of 3 500 British work visas.

The following 2020, the Swiss company will be able to get a quota of 4 500 residence permits (residence permits) of category “In the link” (the Latin letter) for a set of employees from the so-called “third countries”. Such residence permits are issued for a year subject to the availability of that person’s indefinite labour agreements in Switzerland. Renewed every year for the next 12 months, subject to continuation of the employment relationship.

In addition, Bern is going to give only 4 000 permits to work and stay in the country category,”LВнешняя link” (such permits are issued to those with work contracts for a limited duration of three to 12 months). If the UK still leaves the European Union without the consent of the official plan of the way (hard scenario “Breccia”), then Switzerland will provide for subjects of the United Kingdom 2 100 permits to stay and work category “B” and 1 400 permissions of “L”categories.

On Wednesday last week, the Swiss government also retained the previously existing restrictions on the activities of firms from EU countries and EFTA countries working in Switzerland in the services sector. “In 2020, at their disposal will be allocated 3 000 short-term work permits and stay in the country (category “L”) and 500 permits for long stay (category “B”)”. This is stated in the official statement pravitelstvennaya link.

In recent years, the issue of restriction of labour migration from countries outside the EU have always been in the focus of public attention. After the 2014 referendum on the question of the restriction of labour immigration, the government of Switzerland, pursuant to the will of the people, reduced the official quota of permits category “b” for the citizens of these countries to 6,500 units.

This caused a protest of the cantons on whose territory was a large number of foreign companies. In response, the government went back on their word and increased the quota for the issuance of such permits to the level that existed before the referendum, that is up to 8 500 units per year.

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