Sylvain Archambault admits wrongs in the face of allegations of sexual misconduct

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
The director Sylvain Archambault

The director Sylvain Archambault, who has been the subject of sexual misconduct allegations in the media, says that, ” some witnesses reported to have a foundation of true “, while stating to have ” never been a gesture offensive sexual “.


In a press release published Sunday, Sylvain Archambault says that he wants to say to those ” who have been able to feel humiliated by my remarks or injured by gestures, that I have never, ever, had the intention to do so “. And if this is the case, he adds, he apologized ” deeply “.


An article published in the daily Press, last Wednesday, cited numerous testimonies of actors, actresses and artisans who denounce the methods hostile to the filmmaker, his allusions of a sexual nature and even touching — behavior that would be exacerbated by his consumption of alcohol on the sets.


Also by press release, on the same day, Sylvain Archambault had categorically denied the remarks — according to the terms used by the filmmaker — that” would have required, under the cover of anonymity, people who worked in “. He had even declared that the anonymity allowed ” to say anything, even untruths “.


Not to punish the audience


Radio-Canada said Wednesday that the allegations published in the article should be taken seriously and understood ” the reaction of the people who have witnessed “.

I agree that we are in a new era and that I would have had to change my ways accordingly
Sylvain Archambault

The public television has stated hear to offer its viewers The up-country, and Horse-Snake — two programs produced by Sylvain Archambault — as expected in the winter of 2018. Radio-Canada reported that ” the withdraw would be tantamount to penalizing our audiences and dozens of artists and craftsmen “.


“It has been a great state in the past few days of allegations about me. Although several of these need to be nuanced, some witnesses reported to have a foundation of true, ” said Sylvain Archambault, Sunday.


“It is true that I have used in my entire career of a language, or [that I] put things that belong to another era. None, however, can not justify to label me as an aggressor or harasser sexual. I agree that we are in a new era and that I would have had to change my ways accordingly. However, these behaviors were without malice or bad intentions “, also supported the filmmaker.


Sylvain Archambault has stated that he simply wanted all the time, “get the best” of his team members.


“Yes, I have caused ! Yes, I have forced emotions ! Yes, I pushed the actors and actresses to dig deep for themselves. I never would have believed that my strategies, which are used for the sole and exclusive property of the project I was working on, might hurt some people of my entourage [actors, technicians, extras, etc]. Although most have entered my good intention, I have noticed with a lot of bitterness that this was not the case for all, and I regret it “, he added.


He said that it wished to complete its ongoing projects, including the filming of the series Lies 4, and then ” retire to make the point. I thank you in advance, second chance that you give me, ” he concludes.

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