Sylvie Parent confirmed to the city hall of Longueuil

Photo: Karl Rettino-Parazelli The Duty
Sylvie Parent at his victory, on election night of November 5 last

The victory of Sylvie Parent at the city hall of Longueuil was confirmed Wednesday afternoon at the palais de justice de Longueuil, following a judicial recount.

At the election of last 5 November, the gap between Sylvie Parent and his opponent Josée Latendresse was only 118 votes. On 59 554 ballots cast, 1266 had been rejected. Judge Luc Poirier had authorized the holding of a judicial recount as requested by Josée Latendresse, but only in a hundred sections to vote. This procedure reduced to 110 votes the difference between the two candidates.

Ms. Latendresse could, however, apply to the superior Court to request a tally of all the voting areas.

Even if the victory of Sylvie Parent is confirmed, the new mayor will be a minority in the municipal council since it has not managed to elect 5 candidates for the positions of councillors from 9 to Josée Latendresse, whereas a seat will be occupied by an elected team of Sadia Groguhé.

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