Symbol HSE crow landed on a lamppost

PHOTO : Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS



The symbol of the Higher school of Economics, a decorative crow, set in Moscow on Myasnitskaya, reports “WORLD 24”. So on the 85th anniversary congratulated the academic supervisor Evgeny Yasin. Thanks to him, the bird became the emblem of the national research centre.

A crow landed on a lamppost. With the advent of the vane 29 thousand students “Tower” appeared and a new tradition. Crow will definitely help you in learning, if we manage to reach the bird’s beak. But you can just RUB her paw.

“Why Raven? When was created the Higher school of Economics, there were a lot of young architect, sculptors, they started to make different figures. And we thought then and believe still that Raven for the Higher school of Economics – a real character,” says academic supervisor of the HSE Yevgeny Yasin.

Yevgeny Yasin – the graduate of economic faculty of Moscow state University. He finished with a higher technical education. One of the developers of the economic reforms of the nineties. To this period of history mixed feelings, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when Russia lost many large enterprises have lost whole industries, change was necessary. Since 1994 Evgeny Yasin for almost three years held the post of Minister of economy. He has also taught at MSU. His students were ex-Ministers Alexander Shokhin, Andrei Nechayev and the current head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.