Symbol HSE: in the center of Moscow established a weather vane in the form of a crow

PHOTO : Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS



One of the flagships of Russian science is a Higher school of Economics. Her symbol is the crow – today installed in the center of Moscow on Myasnitskaya. The weathervane was presented to the 85th anniversary of the supervisor of the National research center Yevgeny Yasin. Details learned correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Maxim Dragnev.

She’s so high, that not every economist will get it. Character Rigs will certainly help in learning if it is rubbed. But still need to grow.

“Why Raven? When was created the Higher school of Economics, there were many young architects, sculptors, they started to make different figures. And we thought then and believe still that Raven for the Higher school of Economics – any character,” – said the scientific Director of HSE Yevgeny Yasin.

The open symbol was timed to the anniversary of Yevgeny Yasin, one of the developers of the economic reforms of the 90s. Then Russia has lost many large enterprises have lost whole industries, change was necessary. 94 Evgeny Yasin for almost three years held the post of Minister of economy. On his Desk never had portraits of the leaders, only comrades.

“He never participated in the elections, I don’t remember him at any meeting. He’s a public figure, and his opinion is very respected,” – said the Minister of economy of the Russian Federation (1992-1993) Andrei Nechayev.

Yevgeny Yasin – the graduate of economic faculty of Moscow state University. It he has graduated with higher technical education. The faculty that determined his fate, he taught. It so happened that the chair of the Minister of economy Yevgeny Yasin lost his former student Alexander Shokhin. While this post was held is also able pupils: Egor Gaydar, Andrey Nechaev. And the current head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina – postgraduate student of Professor Yasin.

The main work of Yevgeny Yasin came at the most difficult time of recent history – the 92-th year, the so-called “Gaidar reforms”. On the one hand, the empty shelves, with another – the political ambitions of the Parliament, which is clearly not sympathetic to the government.

“Had to make a lot of new laws, analogues of which are not even in the USSR. And the deputies were not ready for it just in terms of their qualifications, professionalism, understanding and so on. And we Yevgeny Grigoryevich put them in a caregiver, formally, it was called “the representative of the government in the Parliament”, – says Andrei Nechayev.

When Yevgeny Yasin himself headed the Ministry of economy, passed laws on joint-stock companies and on securities that formed the basis of a market economy.

“He was one of the main, as we would say today, drivers of economic reforms. However, if the reform was called something like: the resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers on self-financing in the electrical industry. As I remember, it is this reform in the electrical industry and worked,” – said Alexander Shokhin.

During the reform, the author of which was including Evgeny Yasin, many predicted Russia hungry winter, chaos and collapse. But in the “dashing nineties” the transition from a planned to a market economy was inevitable, as emergency surgery – even painful, but necessary.

Note, the symbol of the Tower of the Raven began in 1996.